Bid for the Cure and Halloween party at :CLUB: milk 2013

Hey musers!

This Friday November 1st starting at 4 PM SLT we will be having an event at :CLUB: milk to wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness month. This will be Halloween themed and in case you missed it last week we had a post about some stores you all recommended for getting some breast friendly costumes. Be sure to add your recommendations in the comments of that post!

When that event ends we will close bidding on the Bid for the Cure tail sale. At the time of writing this post the cost to bid on each offer is:

  1. L$ 700 Oddclaw Sideways: Play (Male, Pan, Fur, Sub) or Skill (build mod work or odd job)
  2. L$ 1000 Drusilldarkwillow: Play (Female, Pan, vixen/fox, switch) or Skill (large builds, stip dancing, event planning)
  3. L$ 600 Rio (Crimsonfang Bade): Play (Herm, bi, Kirin, switch)
  4. L$ 800 Kira Zobel: Play (Female, Bi, Furry/neko, sub) or Skill (profile picture photo shoot and edit)
  5. L$ 600 Eversky Aeon: Skill (profile picture photo shoot and edit)
  6. L$ 800 Cali Ciaco: Skill (sign image for shop or family)
  7. L$ 2000 Nova (Reiger Fang): Play (Herm, Pan, Husky, Switch) or Skill (building/texturing)
  8. L$ 900 Zindonas Loxingly: Skill (access to custom built TIS mission for bidder)
  9. L$ 600 Bret FoxGlove: Play (Male, Straight, fur, sub) and Skill (professional advice and compassion)
  10. L$ 2000 Nyanidroid: Play (herm, bi, anime Ushi, switch)
  11. L$ 2700 Spot in Stud Pump Alpha
  12. L$ 2900 Spot in Stud Pump Alpha

All proceeds from this sale are going to charity so please come on by and bid on something nice!

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