:mused: Cookies and Milk Valentine’s Day Hunt! 2014

Hey musers!

We have a hunt coming up for you starting this weekend on Feb. 7th and lasting up until Feb. 16th. We will have 5 different gift packs stuffed into “kinky cookies” for you! Find one or find all for goodies!mused Cookie Hunt

How this hunt works:  There are a cookie plates around the :mused: region. Once you find a “kinky” cookie and eat it, you will receive the gift. The cookie will then disappear and reappear on another plate somewhere else!

There is only one of each type of kinky cookie with five different debaucherus cookie couples to look for.

Kinky Cookies

Happy Hunting!

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  1. […] don’t forget we still have “Kinky Cookies” with fun goodies around the sim for you to hunt until Feb. […]

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