Valentines Day Hunt User Pictures

Hey musers,

We asked that you send in pictures of our valentine’s gifts in use in the wild and we would post it as well as a link to your farm or milk stall. This is what you all sent us!

Hendersons house of moo

Family: Hendersons house of moo
Koleda Resident and PsychoticBovine Resident

Hendersons house of moo (no sURL provided)

MaidenHu Resident

Family: Wasps Family
MaidenHu Resident

Wasps Family:

Happy Valentines from :mused:

:mused: Milk and Cookies Hunt 2014

Hey musers!

I just wanted to remind you that the :mused: Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day Hunt starts today and lasts until the 16th so be sure to get a nibble of the naughty cookies and some fun gifts to wear and play with! You can find five different Kinky Cookies on plates through the :mused: region. Kinky Cookies

Send us pictures of those gifts in action along with a sURL link to your farm or milk stall and we will post both on February 24th. You can email the pictures to by the 23rd to be featured in the post. We want to see what fun you all come up with!

Also if you are looking for just the right Valentine to send to your friends and family you might want to revisit our Valentine’s post from last year.

:mused: Cookies and Milk Valentine’s Day Hunt! 2014

Hey musers!

We have a hunt coming up for you starting this weekend on Feb. 7th and lasting up until Feb. 16th. We will have 5 different gift packs stuffed into “kinky cookies” for you! Find one or find all for goodies!mused Cookie Hunt

How this hunt works:  There are a cookie plates around the :mused: region. Once you find a “kinky” cookie and eat it, you will receive the gift. The cookie will then disappear and reappear on another plate somewhere else!

There is only one of each type of kinky cookie with five different debaucherus cookie couples to look for.

Kinky Cookies

Happy Hunting!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey there musers!

We here at :mused:  wanted to wish you all a very Happy Valentine‘s Day.

valentines day

As a small gift to you we have some Digital Valentines that you can save and pass on to that special someone.

Valentine 1

Valentine 2

Valentine 3

Also remember we are looking for a :mused: pinup for Feburary. Check out January’s if you missed her and submit your own.