Drinking Contest Thurday August 21st

Hey musers,

We are getting ready to release the 10L yoke tank for sale soon and we decided to have a couple more chances to win one before official for sale release. So Join us for a drinking contest on mused at 5pm slt and 7pm slt for your chance to win a yoke.

Drinking contests!

As usual we will have different prizes available based on the total number of liters drank by everyone in the contest, top three win prizes. The tiers are published below.

Again its august 21st at 5pm and 7pm

(edit 7pm contest will be held at Fifty shades of Lune, if you are interested in hosting a drinking contest please see the drinking contest rules for how to apply)

25 liters total drank

  • 1st- Applier Package & Grass
  • 2nd – Applier Package & 30$L
  • 3rd – Applier Package & 15$L

50 liters total drank

  • 1st-hormone
  • 2nd-$L100
  • 3rd-$L50

100 liters total drank (region production bonus of 10% will be activated and will run until the end of the drinking contest)

  • 1st- yoke
  • 2nd- Hormone and 250$L
  • 3rd – Grass and 100$L

1000 Liters total drank

  • 1st – yoke & hormone and grass
  • 2nd – hormone and $L500
  • 3rd – hormone and $L250

Some come on out and drink with us!

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