Milk Made Frosted Stein Drinking Contests and Limited Milk Sale

Hey musers!

We have 25 of these frosty tankards up for grabs! This weekend September 26th, 27th, and 28th we will be having drinking contests to win a limited edition Frosted Stein, after all of that is said and done any left over steins will be put up for sale to buy with milk.

Mused Frosted stein


Drinking contest times in SLT are:

Friday 7pm

Saturday 10am, 4pm, 7pm

Sunday 4 pm, (Edit: Due to our server host going down this final contest was interrupted we will have one more once we have moved to a stable sever. Keep an eye out for more information.)

Final drinking contest to be at 11 am SLT Monday.

Different tiers of prizes are unlocked with different amounts drank, the top drinkers will win prizes for the tier that has been achieved. The tiers and the prize places are listed below.

Under 25 Liters total consumed top three all get an applier pack.

25 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- applier pack & Grass
  • 2nd- applier pack & 30$L
  • 3rd- applier pack & 15$L

50 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Volumax & hormone
  • 2nd- Volumax & spring forage
  • 3rd- Volumax

100 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein
  • 2nd- Volumax & hormone
  • 3rd- Volumax & Spring Forage

500 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & Hormone
  • 2nd- Stein & Spring Forage
  • 3rd- Hormone & Spring Forage

1000 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & Hormone & Spring Forage
  • 2nd- Stein & Hormone
  • 3rd- Stein

2500 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Stein & 5 pack of hormones
  • 2nd- Stein & 5 pack of Spring Forage
  • 3rd- Stein &  hormone & Spring Forage
  • 4th- Stein

Good Luck and happy Drinking!

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