:mused: announcements, Some things to come

(In Case it was missed, This was a joke, keep an eye out for next years!)

Hey musers,

As you know we are always busy here at :mused: working to improve our products and offer new and enjoyable things for you all!

I wanted to share with you some of what we are working on and you can expect to see in the coming months.


We are doing a manual Revamp which I am calling “Fifty Shades of Knowledge: Bringing RTFM a whole new meaning”. We often struggle with the feeling that people don’t read, or don’t thoroughly read the manuals and information we have put out there to help them. After some extenisve research it was decided that sex is a major factor in the things people choose to read or watch, so in order to ensure more people read the manuals we have decided to do a full redo. All of our documentation will be rewritten in the form of erotic fiction. You can find an example of the new manuals below:


Her breasts fill with milk over time, tingling as it lets down reminding her of her constant production. When she first started on this exciting and intimate journey of lactation she was making about 0.192  liters per hour (lph). She has noticed that they go through 4 phases, increasing in size as they fill. After she pumps down and her breasts are mostly empty and even up to 60% full, they have their usual eye catching shape, but as they fill past that they began to visibly swell to a full shape peaking out of the neck lines of her shirts a bit more and she definitely enjoyed the attention it got her from those around her. But if she went too long without expressing they would engorge, becoming almost embarrassingly voluptuous mounds. She couldn’t maintain that though, for if they sat completely full for more than 3 minutes (180 seconds) She would be penalized for having waited and all her milk would leak out. following this loss she would not produce as quickly as she had before but at a 50% rate.

Stud Pump:

Then he grips his engorged member slowly stroking it while watching their leaking breasts. They see a hunger in his eyes as his movements get faster and faster, his erection throbs in his hands as he suddenly cums all over their tits stopping their engorged leak out phase and persevering the milk in their breasts. His cum glistens on their heaving boobs as it drips down adding to their topical consumption stat and his topical dispensing stat.


One of the things we are most excited to be working on is :mused: Boosted.

Boosts and bonuses will no longer be the same thing rather a new set of boosts will take your game to a whole new level unlocking god mode!

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Be prepared to totally ignore all competition as you ascend to realms previously unknown and in one brief moment of eternity grok the ineffable nature of production, creation, and genesis. Leave petty needs and wants behind and reach for divinity.


We will be introducing breedable creatures called Museuls. These cute little guys will drink milk and eat a special food mix you can buy in our store. You can hold them and pet them and work to build up your bonding points. Once your bonding points are capped then you can go through an interactive mini game to implant semen into your Museul and enable them to breed! Once they have been breed you will get an egg which will hatch into a baby Museul. They will have different traits from coloring to adult size, ear shape, tail shape, wing shape, number of tentacles etc. We are planing on having sizes from Fine (smaller than 15cm) to Colossal (20m or larger) and Colossal+  (64m or larger). Depending upon the environment these adorable creatures come from will help to determine their preferred food type. They all eat the basic food mix but if you give them their preferred food choice then your bonding will go up more quickly. Some may prefer “Sylvan Nuts and Berries” blend, while others would do better with the “Flesh of Your Enemies” mix.

We are working very hard to get all of this done on top of the things we announced with our last state of the :mused: address and we hope everyone has a wonderful April Fools Day!

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