:mused: Family Renaming

Hey musers!

Until recently a :mused: Family’s name was permanent and while you could change ownership of the tome the name stayed with it. You could not change it, and deleting the family destroys the tome. Now you can rename your family via :mused: Family Tome – Rename Scroll.  We now have an option that will let you change your family name for 100L of milk. family rename_001

In order to use this all you need to do is:

  1. go to the barn on mused just out side of it you will find a stump with a family renaming contract. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/mused/215/39/23) (Updated July 25, 2021)
  2. Once there rez a milk storage tank with at least 100L in it.
  3. Click the scroll and it will pop up a menu to let you pick the tank the milk will come from.
  4. Enter your family’s new name. (more than 2 but less than 24 characters be sure its exactly what you want!)
  5. Rerez your family tome.

Some issues you may encounter:

  • Error messages in Local:
    • “:mused: Family Tome – Rename Scroll 1.0: No tanks found on this parcel to to use.” You need to rez a tank for the tome to take milk from. If you have one rezed and it does not see it attempt to rerez the tank.
    • “:mused: Family Tome – Rename Scroll 1.0: You must rez a tank with at least 100 liters of milk to use this.” The tank you have rezed must have 100L in it to pay the fee for the rename.  If you have one rezed and it does not see it attempt to rerez the tank.
    • “:mused: Family Tome – Rename Scroll 1.0: Your session has timed out” You have taken too long to respond to the dialog and the scroll is now no longer in use by you. Simply click it again to restart the process.
    • “:mused: Family Tome – Rename Scroll 1.0: That name is already in use.” A family already exists with that name. You will need to pick a different one.
  • “I have rezed and rerezed my tank, I have rezed it on another region and rerezed it at mused and it still does not see my tank!”- Some times if you have a lot of tanks with the last rezed location on the same region it can cause newly rezed tanks to not be seen. Try rezing other tanks on another region to shorten the list of those that were last rezed at mused. If that fails please put in a ticket.
  • “I went through all the steps but it didn’t work.”- Please put in a ticket explaining in detail what you did and what the results were. (such as, it took the milk but the rename didn’t happen, It didn’t take the milk and wont do anything, etc.)
  • “I renamed it but I made a mistake” – This is something that can be corrected by another use of the renaming scroll for another 100L of milk. We strongly suggest having your chosen name pretyped and checked then copy it into the dialog to prevent this from happening.
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