New Bonuses and Stats!

Hey musers!

As we are getting back into the swing of things we have a bunch of new things for you! We have added some new uses for Cum for you all to enjoy, and will finally be launching the much delayed Dharma changes.

Until now milkmade users could get a benefit from drink semen from a tank or from having it topically dispensed on you, that left four other ways of consuming semen that gave no bonus or benefit to milkmade users other than stat accumulation. Wanted to change that!

New Bonuses:

  • Cumpacity bonus: 0.5L Capacity bonus for 1 hour
  • Spunky Production Bonus: 20% production bonus for 2o min
  • Calcium: 0.1mg for 1mL semen

These are all a random option to be awarded from oral, vaginal, or anal dispensing. So you could receive semen in any of those ways and receive any of those bonuses.

You can read more about this bonuses and how to get them here:

In addition to those new bonuses we are rolling out the Dharma system in the evening of Monday Jan 18th 2016.

You can read more about it here:

One of the issues we had with the Dharma system was that you can not go “hypo” in the stud pump system so that even if a user stopped playing they would continue to give their master Dharma points. As a way to correct this any Stud pump users who do not use the HUD to produce for 30 days will be set as inactive and not count to the dharma points anymore. They can still put the HUD back on and start playing again and if they are a milk drinker or milkmade user as well then they will stay in the points under those stats.

Enjoy and Happy Milking!

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