:mused: Milk Made 2.0 Release now available!

At long Last! We are very excited to offer you Milk Made 2.0! A new Mesh system that is integrated into the System HUD (Formerly Web HUD) to allow for greater flexibility of use. This new system does still work with all of Milk Made’s consumables, and stats. You can go back and forth between the original prim version and new mesh version for different avatars. You can check out the manual for full details on the system use http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/

The new Milk Made 2.0 system includes-

  • Animated Pumps
  • Animated Nipples
  • Full Lactation Cycle
  • Auto Leak Effect
  • RLV Enabled Breast Growth Control
  • RLV Auto Clothing Control
  • Nipple Applier for skin tones

The Rigged Mesh Supports:

    • Maitreya Lara
    • Belleza Freya
    • Slink Hourglass
    • V-Tech

So what’s new with this one beyond the look? We have taken the years of feed back and experience that we have from the Original Milk Made system and have worked to create a system that give you all the play you want with much less hassle. It works directly with the System HUD and allows for easier RP play and other avatar control. Simpler and more dynamic clothing swaps using RLV that is built into the system. It also has built in privacy controls allowing you to decide if your system will animate when pumping or stay hidden and more!

Pricing is as follows:

Existing Milk Made1.32 users – You only need to purchase a mesh pump for your body. Each of the four initial bodies will be L$500 each. To upgrade from your 1.32 build to 2.0 you only need to buy one Milk Made mesh pump.

New users will need to buy one Milk Made mesh pump (L$500) and one :MUSED: Prime Core (L$1,500)

*interactions are currently only supported on the Original Milk Made (1.32) and will be receiving an update in the future to work with the new system*

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