:mused: Milk Made 2.0 Unrigged

Hey Musers! There are many of you that have requested an “unrigged” version of the new 2.0 pumps and now we have them available for all your modding pleasure!

Here are some key points important to note:

  • You will need knowledge of modding/editing mesh and patience.
  • Changing the default attachment point may change object orientation.
  • RLV shapes change may not function as expected.
    • Unrigged mesh does not function the same as fitted mesh and will not seamlessly follow shape changes.
  • Does not respond to physics layers.
    • Unrigged mesh does not perform like fitted mesh when physics layers are worn and will remain static.
  • Developer kit appliers are not compatible with the pump cups.
    • Developer Kit is not yet released
    • Unfortunately we are just not able to support all possible custom modifications with our current applier code.

Includes these unrigged items:

  • Nipples
  • Drip Mesh
  • 2.0 Pumps
  • 2 Hose positions
  • 2 Torso straps
  • 3 Leg straps (Lara, Freya, Hourglass)
  • 13 Nipple tones
  • Pump Tank

*Reminder : If you purchased any of the 2.0 rigged pumps and would like an unrigged leg strap simply visit the vendor you purchased from and request a redelivery!

Hourglass users: The weight mapping on the rigged leg strap has also been updated to fix some movement issues.  Pick up a new copy by redelivery from the Hourglass vendor for Milk Made 2.0 pumps.

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