2014 Milk and Cookie Hunt Drinking contests!

Hey musers!

This weekend we have a bunch of chances to win the new :mused: Milk Yoke!

Yoke Adv Breast Peek

We have drinking contests planned:

two on Friday Feb. 7th 2014: 1pm SLT, 6pm SLT

four on Saturday Feb. 8th 2014: 10am SLT, 1pm SLT, 5pm SLT, 8pm SLT

and two on Sunday Feb 9th 2014: 10am SLT, 5pm SLT

We have a new tiered prize system, the more everyone drinks the bigger the prizes! Here is the list for this weekend (subject to change as needed)

25 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Applier Package & Grass
  • 2nd – Applier Package & 30$L
  • 3rd – Applier Package & 15$L

50 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st-hormone
  • 2nd-$L100
  • 3rd-$L50

100 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st- yoke
  • 2nd- Hormone and 250$L
  • 3rd – Grass and 100$L

1000 Liters Total Consumed:

  • 1st – yoke  & hormone and grass
  • 2nd – hormone and $L500
  • 3rd – hormone and $L250

Bid for the Cure and Halloween party at :CLUB: milk 2013

Hey musers!

This Friday November 1st starting at 4 PM SLT we will be having an event at :CLUB: milk to wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness month. This will be Halloween themed and in case you missed it last week we had a post about some stores you all recommended for getting some breast friendly costumes. Be sure to add your recommendations in the comments of that post!

When that event ends we will close bidding on the Bid for the Cure tail sale. At the time of writing this post the cost to bid on each offer is:

  1. L$ 700 Oddclaw Sideways: Play (Male, Pan, Fur, Sub) or Skill (build mod work or odd job)
  2. L$ 1000 Drusilldarkwillow: Play (Female, Pan, vixen/fox, switch) or Skill (large builds, stip dancing, event planning)
  3. L$ 600 Rio (Crimsonfang Bade): Play (Herm, bi, Kirin, switch)
  4. L$ 800 Kira Zobel: Play (Female, Bi, Furry/neko, sub) or Skill (profile picture photo shoot and edit)
  5. L$ 600 Eversky Aeon: Skill (profile picture photo shoot and edit)
  6. L$ 800 Cali Ciaco: Skill (sign image for shop or family)
  7. L$ 2000 Nova (Reiger Fang): Play (Herm, Pan, Husky, Switch) or Skill (building/texturing)
  8. L$ 900 Zindonas Loxingly: Skill (access to custom built TIS mission for bidder)
  9. L$ 600 Bret FoxGlove: Play (Male, Straight, fur, sub) and Skill (professional advice and compassion)
  10. L$ 2000 Nyanidroid: Play (herm, bi, anime Ushi, switch)
  11. L$ 2700 Spot in Stud Pump Alpha
  12. L$ 2900 Spot in Stud Pump Alpha

All proceeds from this sale are going to charity so please come on by and bid on something nice!

Hunt For The Cure Weekly Totals: Oct 27th 2013

Totals for this past week, are looking great! This is week 4  Which means we have one more week to finish up the Hunt be sure to get out there and grab those goodies before the months up! This includes all income from October 20th to the 26th.

Now lets look at the numbers

Total this week: L$ 8,320

And our Top five Shops this week were:

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM with L$ 480

=MODA= Designs with L$ 210

Carrie’s Lingerie with L$ 190

WCI with L$ 160

Capacious with L$ 160


remember to take a look at the Bid for the Cure Tail Sale that ends on Nov 1st at the end of the closing event we will have at :CLUB: milk. be sure to get your bid in before then! (take the TP up to the town square from the TP pad next to the shop.)

Hunt For The Cure Weekly Totals: Oct 20th 2013

We have our weekly totals for week three to share. We are very please with the amount of people participating and donating both milk and linden and I am really excited about how this whole event is going! Don’t forget we have the Tail Sale going on with some really fun offers as well as the limited edition pink tanks for sale 10% of which is being donated. Be sure to go check both out at :mused: Town Square (TP pad by the shop entrance) This includes all income from the dates of October 13th through 19th.

Now lets look at the numbers

Total this week: L$9800

And our Top five Shops this week were:

*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM with L$910

.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop with L$260

Busty Boutique with L$220

=MODA= Designs with L$220

Surge with L$220


Breast Cancer: A History

So I know not everyone is as interested in history or the past as I am but I believe that part of awareness is knowledge and understanding what breast cancer is and how it effects us is key to being informed and active in the fight against it. In line with this I wanted to share a brief history of the cancer and how it has effected current treatment options as well as research.

Breast cancer has been with us for as long as we have recorded history. Because the later stages of it are so externally obvious ancient physicians were able to record it as a condition where many internal cancers would go unnoticed. Ancient Greek medicine believed in the Humors of the body and so suggest that the cancer came from an excess of black bile in the body. They named Cancer karkinos the Greek word for crab (this is why the astrological sign of the same name has a crab as a symbol) because the shape of the tumors reminded them of a crab.

In the 1600s and 1700s with the growth of the enlightenment movement and the beginnings of modern science, doctors began to look again at cancer and its causes. They noted that while the cancer was very rare (much more so than at current) it had a higher frequency in Nuns and so many believed that lack of sex could cause breast cancer. Still others thought it was related to depression or curdled milk (from not having children to nurse) or lack of child bearing in general. In 1757 surgery was suggested as a treatment to remove the cancer.

By the mid 19th century surgery was the only available treatment for breast cancer but developments in medicine such as antiseptics and anesthesia and blood transfusions made it so that woman were more likely to survive these surgeries which were excessive as they removed muscle as well as breast tissue. It was later discovered the removal of ovaries helped to shrink the tumors and so they were added to the list of things removed in these surgeries. (this is do to the fact that estrogen, made in the ovaries, helps to aid in cell growth though this was not understood at the time.) Later other estrogen production sites were removed as well the adrenal and pituitary glads.

In 1955 the cancers ability to metastasize or spread throughout the body was discovered, and chemotherapy was introduced in the 70s with much more conservative breast saving surgeries. by 1995 less than 10% of effected woman had a mastectomy, and many other treatments are being explored including hormone therapy and biological therapies. The Mammography helps to detect cancers early and we have isolated genes that can cause breast cancer.

Side Notes and Post Scripts: The reason nuns were more likely to get breast cancer and why the rate of  breast cancer has gone up in recent years is related to estrogen. In the past a woman would spend a large part of her adult life pregnant or nursing this reduced the number of menstrual cycles a woman would have. The rise and fall of estrogen in the body during a menstrual cycle encourages cellular growth and division increasing the chances one of those cells getting the right mutations to be a cancer.

Breast Self Exams have also had a bit of a controversial history because when they were introduced it was put upon woman to monitor their own heath and cancer patients were shamed if they allowed a lump to form. The back lash that emphasized compassion from doctors and clinical examinations as the front line detection with Self Breast Exams as a in between stop gap became the standard. However many still criticize the distribution of this information for failing to mention the need for regular exams by your doctor.