State of the :mused: address II

Hey musers,

(*due to some confusion this post has been revised.)

After our last state of the :mused: address we have gotten a lot of questions about other things people want to see so this post is intended to give you all a general idea of things we like and want to work on and hope to implement in the future if possible. There are NO estimated release dates on these products. This is NOT an official product list release.

:mused: Wish List Inside Peek!

  • Mesh Breasts
  • Male Pumping System
  • Udders
  • Advanced Stats/Leveling System
  • Gift Card System
  • Tank Management Hud
  • Ice cream
  • Food Crafting
  • RLV Traps & Toys
  • New Interactions
  • Multi-Servant Milk Pump Station
  • Larger Tanks & More Themes
  • Pregnancy Compatibility
  • Broader Compatibility (with various brands like Xcite!)
  • Web Based Customization
  • Interactive Rp Tools
  • Labia Pump
  • Plantable Spring Forage
  • Video Guides
  • Virtual Tutorials

And more! Remember we do read suggestions, we love to see what you all want. If you have an idea and don’t see it on the list let us know so we can put it up for voting. (*Please keep in mind we consider these suggestions during our creation process but not all suggestions will be implemented.)

Also next week I will be answering some community questions so ask them in the comments below or IM cali ciaco with them, have a great week!