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Hey musers,

Now that both the Full Breasts and milkmade have been updated (Full Breasts are on version 2 and milkmade is on version 1.30) :mused: is going to be turning our attention full time to some projects we have been working on and can hopefully get these things really going. We will of course be working on other things as well but these are the two big projects.

The first is the Stud Pump which people have been asking for since we first released milkmade a little over a year ago. This is a big project we have been working on it for some time and now can really focus on it. I wanted to let you know what we were thinking and working toward. Nothing is set in stone yet all of this is subject to change as we really get into the bones of creating it but there has been a lot of talk and I wanted to give you all a picture of where things sat for our current planing.

  • The Stud Pump will be a cock pump collecting semen rather than milk.
  • It will be a complimentary game to the milkmade system both can benefit from each other but neither is required to play the other.
  • You can, but do not have to, drink the semen.
  • This will be the pump only not the cock to go with it so you can use whatever you normally use there will be a lot of options and we hope to make it natively compatible to as many brands as possible.
  • As its a separate game the stat charts will be separate but we hope to have a bridging HUD so if you do use both you don’t need a pile of HUDs

The next big thing we are working on for the breast side of things is Mesh!

  • The new breasts will be a different product than what is currently for sale we are not simply taking milkmade and Full Breasts and making them mesh. They will be compatible with milkmade however.
  • We hope to offer a few different shapes to suit a wider variety of tastes.
  • We are hoping to make them resize more seamlessly than other mesh options to allow for even greater avatar customization.
  • We want to make them as compatible with the existing market of appliers as possible for easier use.

What sort of features would you like to see added to either of these? What brand of cocks would you like to see supported? Let us know in the comments.

Yesterday was the last day of voting for the Tank Mod off and the winner is Zindonas with a duel bellowed scifi mod.

Also next week is the June pin up so this is the last week to submit your images for this month’s theme “His Girls”

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  1. For cock brands I would suggest the ones that I know are very popular.

    Aeros Magnus
    Xcite X4
    Sensations 3
    Midnight Lotus

    RUT Rocket

    Possibly a condom tied off and filled with semen could be used as currency for items. Or perhaps just as another small means of storage.

    I also think Ann is speaking about the skin matching layer on the breasts themselves rather than the actual clothing layers ontop of the breasts. Unless I am unaware, the skin appliers for all skins are not compatible with each other. Meaning a League skin applier for tangos can not be applied to any Mused/ LUSH or other mesh breasts at the moment.

    • Thanks so much for that list, we have quite a few of those we are already working with. I will be sure to try to add the others. As for skins, that was true of Sculpted Prim breasts but it is possible to make mesh breasts compatible for skin appliers and we are working to do so.

  2. Yay! Sounds great! Can’t wait to see them!

  3. Thank you for your suggestions. With the mesh breast release, Tangos appliers will be compatible. We also have many ideas in the works relating to your suggestion that will have RLV capabilities and interact with the MilkMade system.

  4. I’d really love to see ‘skin applier’ compatibility added, my skin designer (League) made incredibly good skin-layers for the Lola’s that I wish were compatible with my mused products (have both the full and milk breasts). Having a better skin match would be lovely!

    Then in a purely more deviant vein, it’d be neat if there were some sort of toy compatibility (bondage, pleasure, pain toys) that would, like the hand milking tool, have some sort of small benefit, even just expanding the holding capacity a bit if nothing else.

    Great fun, thanks for making these!

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