Milk Made Update v1.10

Update Notice

:mused: Milk Made system version 1.10 has been released. We’ve fixed many bugs and added as much functionality as possible. We appreciate all your suggestions and helpful insights.

This is a required update. All breasts and storage tanks must be updated. Tanks not updated within 24hours will stop working.

 Click here for tank step by step construction

Available upon this update:

  • Clothing layer supporting 3rd party appliers (eCorp, eboobs, iboobs, lolas)
  • :mused: Spring Forage (Grass)
  • Breast Enhancement Supplement – “Volumax”
  • Breast bounce option.

Game changes:

  • Persistence will have more of an effect on your generation
  • Daily drinking limit raised to 500L
  • Hormone shots reduced to 4 hour duration


  • llTextBox for text input for RLV compliance
  • RLV Owner options: lock features such as detach and milking
  • Support System Ticket Submission is now private and not in local chat
  • Persistance Points Stat.
  • Engorged penalty lactation reduction rate enforced.
  • ‘Spring Forage’ available to restore normal lactation rate or provide added intake bonus.
  • Ability to maintain full capacity longer with new breast enlargement pills.
  • New perk added to milk produced : Users ranking higher in stats will produce milk that provides higher intake points upon consumption.
  • Ability to set tank access to ‘Family’.
  • New Post for OC scripts.
  • Replaced texture particle for lactation with new texture.
  • ‘Transfer All’ button added to pump tank.

Issues addressed:

  • Hormone shots repackaged, 5 pack available for restocking
  • Open Collar nipple menus compiled removing double menus
  • Master not clearing bug resolved
  • Double nipples after milking and other appearance issues resolved
  • Glass bottle bug and asset stats issues resolved
  • Unable to milk before .10L bug resolved. Milkable at .05 as intended.
  • Error adding user to storage device due to character name limitation addressed
  • User stats not appearing on the website resolved.
  • Milk pump sound issues resolved.
  • Storage Tank milk prim texture fixed.
  • Replaced milk lactation particles with new texture and flow.
  • nipple tape and bikini adjusted. skin does not poke through.
  • Open Collar owner not sticking.

In addition to these implementations you may have already noticed the price of milk has been raised if you have visited the :mused: creamery. This decision has been made based on the upcoming implementations and to encourage the sales through milk bars established within the community.

As always your input is appreciated, suggestions are welcome via “Suggestions” button found in the :mused: support center.

Happy Milking!

– :mused: Development Team

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