milkmade Storage Tank update version 1.21

hey musers!

*Edit Jan 26th 2015 the update pad location has moved to in front of the main store with the new lay out you can find it here*

*Edit Nov 6th: after some issues with the replacement tanks not being sent following the shut off we have opted to go back to the tank update pad for now while working on a way to get around the delivery issue.*

*Edit Oct 27: This update is now fully live. This means all older tanks will no longer to work, they will delete themselves on Rez and a replacement will be sent. Please rez the replacement as soon as you are able. If you experience any issues with this please put in a ticket.*

We have a tank update for you all! This will fix a few bugs and add in some long time requested features. As we are preparing to release the Stud Pump, this update will be mandatory as of Oct 24th 2014, please take the time to update your tanks within the next four weeks. Instructions for how to do so are listed below.

Storage tanks version 1.21

New Features:

  • Tank logs will now be available to view on your stats.
  • Tank identification key will show in description of the tank to improve personal tracking and communication of which tank is which.
  • Ability to set tank logo texture back to original if it is changed.
  • Transfer volume buttons will now display dynamically based on the total amount of milk in the tank.

Bug Fixes:

  • More stable with network communication errors
  • Fix bug that had tanks going negative
  • Master now no longer shows in tank access list if not added.

Tank 1.21 update

How to Update:

  1. Take your tanks into inventory.
  2. Bring them to mused. We will have two update locations running. One on the green and one in the town square  in front of the store.
  3. Rez your tank on the tank updater deck. The scan range is short and reads from the center of the object. This means some of the larger tanks may need to be edited and moved to be sure they are close enough to be caught by the scan.
  4. The text on the updater will say “processing tank” and then pop up a dialog confirming you wish to update the tank. You have 30 seconds to respond.
  5. Your existing tank will delete and a replacement updated tank will be sent to you.
  6. Rez (not wear!) your new tank and let it go though its set up with our servers.
  7. Repeat with remaining tanks.

Tip: Your milking buckets, glass bottles, Steins, Easter buckets, and milk yokes can be updated this way as well! NOT your pump tank this will be updated with the breasts should an update be needed.

The milk cartons are not a refillable storage item and as they are intended to be disposable are not included in the update.

Possible errors:

“Too many objects” You have too many scripted objects near the tank updater deck please take in all but the tank you are currently updating.

“Our database indicates that an exiting update is in progress. Please rez the tank you were given. If you didn’t receive a tank please file a support ticket.”
 our database only allows one tank in replacement status per person to prevent loss and errors. You should always rez a replacement tank as soon as you receive it. If for some reason the replacement tank does not come through we can get it taken care of with a ticket.

“Tank not found” This indicates that the tank has taken too long to talk to our server and is not properly initialized for the updater to read it.

“No update needed” Your tank is already current version.

Other problems:

Rezed a tank but its not doing anything.

  • Move the tank closer to the update deck
  • rerez and try again.
  • submit a ticket

The tank deleted but I never received the update

  • submit a ticket and we can replace the undelivered tank.

I hit yes on the replacement dialog but nothing happens.

  • Timer has run out rerez tank to start again.

My stats show I still have an old tank but I have updated all I can find.

  • submit a ticket and we can replace your lost tank.

How to Submit a ticket

Be sure to check local chat for error messages or instructions to include in your ticket to help staff address your issue.

June :mused: pinup luciafavianellia

This month’s pinup is the ever sexy luciafavianellia Resident with the Theme of “His Girls”


We have not really been getting a lot of submissions for this I had hoped that adding a theme would help inspire some ideas, maybe help boost some people’s confidence since they knew what we were expecting. We have another theme planed for July but let me know what you think of it should we keep doing themes? Does it help or does it just bind your creativity? Should we drop doing the pinups all together? Should we feature our runner ups as well? Let me know what you all want! Anyway the theme for July is “Summer Fun” remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Iona Lemondrop from last month if you missed her.

(We got a few really nice pictures from Lucy and since we can’t feature them all as “the” pinup I decided to put them down here so take a look!)

Cask Tanks now Avalable for Exchange

Want a new look for your storage tanks? A new cask option is available through an exchange vender.  blog post cask rezzer

The land impact on the new cask themes range from 2 prims (10 liter cask) – 5 prims (1000 liter cask) depending on the size of the storage cask.

In order to get the cask tank you must have a standard tank of the same size with at least the correct amount of milk in it. The amounts needed to exchange the standard tank for the cask tank are:

5L of milk for 10L tank

8L of milk for 20L tank

10L of milk for 50L tank

20L of milk for 100L tank

50L of milk for 250L tank

100L of milk for 500L tank

200L of milk for 1000L tank

Don’t worry if the tank has more only the needed amount of milk will be taken and you will get the rest back in your new tank. You can come and preview the new tanks on :mused: next to the standard tank display behind the shop

Rez the tank you want to exchange there and touch the sign behind the preview rezzers to start the exchange process.

:mused: Milk Made Cask Pump Tank

:mused: Milk Made Cask Pump Tank

The tank ropes are built onto the Cask Pump Tank build itself, but are detachable if you would like to custom mod this aspect.

An extra basic straight rope loop has been provided to use for w/e purpose you may find.

The Cask Pump Tank build itself is modifiable however the script inside is not. This will not effect custom modification of the pump tank.

The black Pump Tank strap that comes default with your original silver Pump Tank should not be worn when wearing this with your ropes unless however you just desire this look in addition to the ropes, but it is not necessary.

Your new cask pump tank will fill with milk depending on the amount of milk pumped into the cask from your breasts until it has reached full max capacity of 5 liters.

The cask pump tank must be attached to activate the breast pumps to collect your milk.

If you have any issues regarding this product please submit a ticket and a member of staff will be with you as soon as possible. We do ask that you expect a 24-48 hour response time in the event of holidays and such minimizing our staff available. Usually a member of staff will connect you before this time period for further details or with an issue resolution.

Coming soon: Cask Storage Tanks available for purchase with milk or $L.. stay tuned for further details.