milkmade gen stat calculation change

The time for change is upon us. We have decided to change the way the generation points are calculated. We realized that being a drinker does not really benefit a master so what we have decided to do is to calculate drinker servants differently than producer servants. At current simply having a non hypo servant adds a base set of points. What we want to do is make it so that a servants value increases with their game play. If you have the breasts you are a producer, if you do not have the breasts and only have the Milk Monitor HUD or Master HUD then you are a drinker. The new stat calculation will look like this:

Generation points = total litres stored + (personal persistence x3) + producer servants MoT + (drinker servants life time intake x2)

We will be rolling out this change later today but you can preview the changes here: Stat Change Preview

And speaking of drinking, in the near future, we will also be adding the ability to remove Hypocalcemia by drinking a set amount of milk or by using the vitamin D supplement.

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