Drinking to clear Hypocalcemia

Hey musers,

As I mentioned in the post about the change to generation stat calculation, we were planing to allow drinking milk to cure hypo. Well now you can! You will need to drink at least 10L of milk in one shot. If you try to drink less it wont let you. For that 10L of milk you will get your hypocalcemia cleared and 2.5mg of calcium just as if you took the vitamin D supplement. If you drink more than 10L in that first drink you will have that extra added to your calcium normally. So if you drank 15L you would have 7.5mg calcium. Do note that while you will still get the extra calcium from top 5 gen milk, you need to drink 10L total from the tank, the bonus drink credit will not apply to clear hypo and  the drink bonus given to drinkers from the spring forage does not work with this as you need to be unhypo to use it.

Happy Chugging!


milkmade gen stat calculation change

The time for change is upon us. We have decided to change the way the generation points are calculated. We realized that being a drinker does not really benefit a master so what we have decided to do is to calculate drinker servants differently than producer servants. At current simply having a non hypo servant adds a base set of points. What we want to do is make it so that a servants value increases with their game play. If you have the breasts you are a producer, if you do not have the breasts and only have the Milk Monitor HUD or Master HUD then you are a drinker. The new stat calculation will look like this:

Generation points = total litres stored + (personal persistence x3) + producer servants MoT + (drinker servants life time intake x2)

We will be rolling out this change later today but you can preview the changes here: Stat Change Preview

And speaking of drinking, in the near future, we will also be adding the ability to remove Hypocalcemia by drinking a set amount of milk or by using the vitamin D supplement.