Scammer Alert!



It has come to our attention that the above resident is selling what they claim to be a full perm prim breast. Which just so happens to actually be a box with a script in it and no breasts. They also used the :mused: full breast images and text from our maketplace add to sell this scam. As I am sure you can tell from their marketplace shop  they did this to several other popular vendors and are attempting to sell fakes using the hard work and good name of others to make a few quick lindens at the communities expense. Please avoid such vendors and if you have purchased from them file the appropriate report with linden labs and flag the marketplace listing.

:mused: is currently taking actions to have it removed however the negative comments that were on the posting yesterday are now gone so we believe he may have reposted it and we may have some difficulty getting it removed and so encourage you to be aware of it and similar scams and as always when you see questionable marketplace listings you take the appropriate action. As per “If you find merchandise on the Marketplace that you think is in violation of the Marketplace listing policies, please flag it for review by customer support.”

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