Version 1.20 Bonus Item Change Sept 6 2016

(edit oct 25, 2016: we are no longer replacing older items as it has past the deadline of Oct 21st.)

Due to an influx of duplicated bonus items hitting the market we have made a temporary change to the way bonus items work.

We will be requiring all bonuses to be used by the person who purchased them or who were gifted them from a :mused: vendor. This means you will not be able to purchase bonus items second hand or transfer them once bought and any bonus item older than 1.20 will no longer work. (Edit: of note the objects in SL will still show transfer but the script will not work for someone who did not buy it.) This is an unfortunate step we did not want to have to take but our long term fix for this issue is something that will take more time than we feel is reasonable to address the problem. We hope to have the long term fix ready within a month so hopefully this change will not impact everyone for too long.

(All the bonus items are currently corrected except for the  Elixirs and Vitamin D which we should have back up and ready within the next day or so.)

As with our last change to Hormones over a year ago we will be offering replacements for bonus items bought recently from :mused: This offer will be good for 6 weeks. We will no longer be replacing bonus items at all after Oct 21st.

To submit a ticket to get your bonus items replaced:

  • Click you support menu on your breasts, HUD or the support terminal in the support building.
  • Select “New Ticket”
  • Select “Bonus Item” category
  • In the text box put your ticket title, Such as “Bonus Item replacement”
  • In the next text box explain what bonus items your have recently purchased from :mused: that you need replaced and how many of each.

Your ticket is submitted and your ticket number will be given to you in local chat! If you don’t get a ticket number you will need to resubmit the ticket.

(edit: If you did not buy the items then please return them to the person how did so they can put in the ticket, If that is not possible then please let us know who you got it from and if possible a rough date for when it was purchased to aid us in looking it up.)

Your ticket will be responded to in the order they are received and you will be expected to provide the bonus items you are having replaced to the staff member who is managing your request. We hope to be able to work through these as quickly as possible and to get our long term solution out to you as well. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we try to mitigate the negative impact these duplicated items have had.


Important EDIT:  THE MUSED WAREHOUSE, Surreal North – Moderate

We have as of yet not been able to get this location removed. please do not buy from this location or sparklea.



Scammer Alert!



It has come to our attention that the above resident is selling what they claim to be a full perm prim breast. Which just so happens to actually be a box with a script in it and no breasts. They also used the :mused: full breast images and text from our maketplace add to sell this scam. As I am sure you can tell from their marketplace shop  they did this to several other popular vendors and are attempting to sell fakes using the hard work and good name of others to make a few quick lindens at the communities expense. Please avoid such vendors and if you have purchased from them file the appropriate report with linden labs and flag the marketplace listing.

:mused: is currently taking actions to have it removed however the negative comments that were on the posting yesterday are now gone so we believe he may have reposted it and we may have some difficulty getting it removed and so encourage you to be aware of it and similar scams and as always when you see questionable marketplace listings you take the appropriate action. As per “If you find merchandise on the Marketplace that you think is in violation of the Marketplace listing policies, please flag it for review by customer support.”

Scammer confirmed!


Kanami24 Resident secondlife:///app/agent/bc9b4c7a-46c7-490b-96c7-8064cf64c87d/about

Marketplace listing:

These breasts claim to function the same as :mused: Milk Made, but are a complete scam.

What you really receive is a crappy box, with the lovely default plywood prim as a box cover. Once you have unpacked the product, the breasts are made of primitive CONES and SPHERES and what looks like a cork for nipples LOL! And of course.. as you probably already have guessed… not scripted at all. Pass the word on that this is a total SCAM! and is not at all affiliated with :mused: products. A DMCA has been filed against the violator.

Thank you for all the wonderful customers we have supporting us, we appreciate that so much! Together we will take down as many of these douchebags we can!