Coming soon! :mused: milkmade Updates

:mused: milkmade breast v 1.30

We  wanted to let you know about some of the changes we were working on for the next milkmade update. Two of which are features I think are very exciting and I am sure many people will enjoy.

1 They will be compatible with lolas tangos shirt appliers! I know this is something that will be a big hit. It took us a while but we were finally able to make it work! With this coming update all :mused: products will be compatible with them. Full Breasts were made compatible in the latest update and the latest version of the Applier Adjustment HUD (v1.10) that is for sale in the shop for 1L$ is also compatible.

2 I can honestly say I am surprised this one did not leak sooner, we have added xcite! compatibility. This will not alter the function of the breasts if you do not own or are not wearing xcite! genitals or HUD but if you have them on using the breasts will alter arousal based on your preset kinks. You will be able to find more information about  it in the manual when the update goes out but it is our hope that this will make your use of the milkmade breasts more fluid and functional for your RP. We would like to make this work for as many systems as we can and will be looking to integrate more as time and work load allows, if you have a system you use that you would like to see work with milkmade let us know in the comments or via a suggestion ticket so we can know where to best invest that time.xcite image

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