Calcium Depletion in effect

Hey musers,

We are testing out phase one of the new calcium and production changes. (You can see the full post and discussion in comments here)

Starting today the calcium part of the discussed changes will go into effect.

  1. Users producing more than 10 liters  per day will be subject to additional calcium depletion.

    • 10% of your daily production over 10 liters will be deducted from your calcium.
    • Example: 18 liters produced in one day. 18L – 10L = 8L, 10% of 8 is 0.8. Your calcium depletion for that day will be 0.5mg for the standard daily deduction, and 0.8mg for your production for a total of 1.3 mg depletion.

This will be calculated at midnight SLT when the normal calcium depletion takes effect. Please note that while we have done our best to test this before putting it live, we can only do so much with out hitting everyone’s calcium to test it. So tonight will be that test. We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten on the suggested changes and welcome suggestions on how to improve any part of the game implemented or not so that we can improve the system to be as best as possible.

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  1. So far in sl i have seen and tried many products that have sorta stat game with them breeder or non breeder such as mused and for some reason they all go trough these few stages:

    stage 1 a known or no known beta test
    stage 2 the product start to get populair and many people are pleased with it
    stage 3 the creator wants to ad for reasons unknown to change things
    stage 4 the customers complain either on a site or in a groupchat or both
    stage 5 the creator ignores the customers and implement the unwanted changes anyway. Sometimes with an exscuse thats its betatesting or something with the excuse that it was allready in the planning or sometimes with no excuse at all
    stage 6 people will leave due to various reasons like out off principle or because the product has no longer any value for them after the changes or simply because they are scared in any longer using it due to the creator ignoring them while they ask in mass not to implement changes
    stage 7 offcourse unhappy people start to talk about why they are unhappy and by that giving the product a bad name ergo hardly any new users will come while more people leave
    stage 8 slowly the popularity of the product decrease and it all slowly dies leaving only a handfull of users left mst of the time not enough for the creator to cover the cost for an inworld shop or sim

    Given the fact that on the last post about this 52 comments where placed and almost all where negative about these changes i believe mused is now at stage 5 and close to stage 6. My advice to people would be dont put money into it like buying hormone shots and such till you see changes for the good skip to organic only.

    • We advised the community to leave their comments on the appropriate post so we can absorb the feedback. The number of comments does not reflect the number of people in the community pro or against the suggested changes. In reality, since we can see the actual number of unique user posts, it is only a small fraction of the community. As you have stated in previous comments (@Chantal) you yourself misunderstood and therefore you were unable to properly form an opinion pro or against the suggestions. We understand that people do not want things to be overcomplicated, that is the very reason there are changes being proposed. There are aspects of the system people are not understanding as a new user and we hope to be able to address that as well as try to implement some of the suggestions that our seasoned veteran users have offered.
      I can assure you that the plans we have for this system as a whole will continue to escalate the desire to participate. We have had MANY plans mapped out in documentation before anything ever went public with this system, and we will continue to strive towards bringing those ideas to the community. Users of the system have suggested things that were yes, already on our list of “to do’s”. This is unavoidable, a good idea, is a good idea… and like minded people will have similar ideas. This does not mean we are using an “excuse” as you refer to it, “that it was already in the planning”. It means exactly that… we have planned long before the suggestion was ever made by the public to do or create whatever it may be. For obvious reasons we do not want to leak all of the details of our ideas out to the public until they are completed to a degree. We do welcome people to offer up suggestions, and we look for new unique ideas from these suggestions when it comes to product planning. We look to these suggestions when we work on an update for an existing product, and we will continue to do what is feasible. As for the advice and your evaluation of what “stage” we are at in this beta tree you have formulated, I can assure you :mused: is not limited nor intimidated by such guidelines and I have confidence we will keep bringing products that continue to fulfill our customers desires.

  2. another question too, if a person makes 24.9 ltrs on shots and 2.4 ltrs on hormone free milk, will the cool down be in effect? I understand a lot, but this new stuff is really confusing me

  3. yey for balancing~ ❤

    • mused is a lifestyle, mused is a game. I am a competitive person. I am also one of the top milkers in the game. right now with the new system, I do one shot, and I am more then likely done for the day, or risk being punished.i ask you please raise the cap to a more realistic 20 ltrs before punishment. that keeps the competiveness in the game for those who do like that aspect of the game. and please do not implement the cool down period, the one such suggested % I have heard is 25%, that would mean someone who does have time for 3 shots would be hit with an almost 10 ltr penalty. I do understand that people who do not come on feel they are being left behind, but is that not the way it is in rl as well. if I work a 2 hour shift, I don’t get the idea that I should be paid the same as someone who works 8 hours. and yes I am the one who mentioned that the rule should have been set for a later date, not sprung on people at about 2pm slt, because yes some would have decided not to do that second shot ect. and the idea of captchas at various times for ALL musers is a good one. right now they only come when pumping or being engorged penalty comes up. and with the new capacities coming, I could be away from my comp for near 4 hours between milking which to me adds to the problem. on a side note, when is the increased capacity coming anyways, it was mentioned before the penalty.

      • As stated, these are measures taken due to what we have learned from monitoring the system ourselves and from the “communities suggestions”. It is a set of proposed ideas and only one phase has been implemented thus far – the calcium depletion. We are watching the effects of all suggestions and feedback and making adjustments where they need to be. The numbers are not set in stone and are subject to change. If the changes implemented have a negative impact on the system we will of course evaluate and revert any that need to be. We will continue to process the feedback and work towards finding a sustainable middle ground. Any questions you have about number calculations please feel free to submit us a ticket and a member of staff can answer those directly. Thank you.

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