Suggested New Production Limits

As you know we work hard to ensure that the Milk Made is not exploited and that the milk market is kept balanced to encourage the enjoyment and benefit to the most users. Recently we have been able to help bring about a rise in milk prices though our policies and changes to the system. With this rise we are seeing more people who are producing more milk. We are glad to see more people actively involved in the system. However we have noticed that some users are taking this to an extreme and are producing more than should be possible with an interactive system.

An avatar consistently producing over 40 liters a day destroys the usefulness of the calcium depletion. In order to protect the integrity of the system and the market we are proposing a change to how calcium depletion works and a daily production limit. This change should not affect most users but only those who are pushing the upper limits.

  1. Users producing more than 10 liters  per day will be subject to additional calcium depletion.

    • 10% of your daily production over 10 liters will be deducted from your calcium.
    • Example: 20 liters produced in one day. 20 – 10 = 10, 10% of 10 is 1.0. Your calcium depletion for that day will be 0.5mg for the standard daily deduction, and 1.0mg for your production for a total of 1.5mg depletion.
  2. Users producing more than 25 liters per day will be subject to a 12 hour cooling off period.

  3. Users producing more than 2.5 liters per day organically will be subject to a 12 hour cooling off period.

  4. The cooling off period will function similar to the verification hold, but it can be removed by drinking an amount of milk yet to be determined.

This is something that we have discussed in the past but have avoided because we wanted to give you as much freedom to play with the system as possible. However our anti botting measures have not had the full impact that we had hoped.  We still want to reward high producers, MoT Levels will continue as they have been. After looking at the small amount of users this will effect and the negative impact such incredible production has on the game and market it seemed the best choice to make.

As you know this is not our first time fighting this battle. We have gone to great lengths to prevent automation of the pumping process, and other forms of cheating. Those efforts have beared fruit which we are very pleased with. We do it to protect your investment in our product, but it does impact our ability to work on and put out new products.

Our goal in these matters is always to minimize the impact and cost to our customers. Our estimation is that less than 5% of our active users will experience these new limitations. We also believe this fairly places the burden on those who should carry it.

Your daily totals can be seen on your website stat page. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

*Thank you everyone for your feed back we are closing comments for the time being while we look over the numbers and the suggestions. New information will be posted on this topic in a new blog post when we have more to share. *

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  1. I love the shape and look of the Milk Made product. I kinda wish you would put out a non-game version, like how your full breasts are set up. I just would like to have the ability to chose if I want to be a part of an ever changing system, and keep my look. I would suggest the non-game version be included with the game version so if people love the look but lose interest in the game they don’t feel used. ::: I am concerned by the fact that your making your consumables worth go down, won’t that effect the income Mused makes off of us all? Why would you do that? Without cash flow how can you put out new products or make changes to your products, or even keep your sim? I’m seriously worried and confused, aren’t you running a business selling products and a game in which the users decide how they advance or play?::: It just seems like your hobbling the cows to try and remove greed from the game, making it harder to store milk for tanker stats and making the increase in production as you gradually go up in mot level a penalized action. Especially for weekend warriors or people that have too much time on their hands. I’m so confused as to why you think this fixes anything, other then providing more “realness” to the system. Also, if you are aware of cheaters or suspicious maybe you should investigate and do the right thing case by case, instead of holding all your customers hostage on the basis that the game is a beta and you think all consumers read all information before making a purchase. silly…. especially in a multilingual game with people of different reading skills and disabilities. Silly and confusing why you would pitch this as a cheater killer and not as making the system more like real life interactions, which this is second life where everyone can fly and wear a bucket on their heads without getting a second look. x.x

  2. Just an idea, but maybe why not just add some kind of pop up (randomly timed) message in which you have to click to prove that you are actually online playing the game and paying attention and not just someone who left her avi producing during the night. You will have around 1 minute to click this message and if you dont click it your lactation will be turned off and on cool down for 30 minutes. I have seem this been used on another game in SL (I dont remember the name at the moment) anyway it really works. This way you arent hitting on the production of people that are actually playing and enjoying the game.

    • they already have that, in form of a captcha verification. apparently, its not enough to stop botters…. and this will be? Or is it that we arent trying to cure the problem any more (because lets face it, you cant stop botters, like they cant stop piracy) and we are just wallpapering over it with limitations?

      • Well, I dont know if they have this already, since I have never get any captcha verification while Im online.

      • a close friend has been hit by it 3 times in a month, there was a post in november last year about them putting it in

  3. My 2 lindens worth: We do need a way to deplete the surplus of milk and thus make production more in line with a demand for the milk and not just a making of excess surplus, I think that the focus of the staff should be less on trying to stop the ones that -are- going to find a way to cheat because they can do otherwise, they are just bad persons that only want for themselves. Instead give uses of the game system more to use to make things work, the cash cow vending system is a great point, those that can create can make things, and as just drinkers get milk for their needs, so they can sell the milk, of curse they need to have a person that can access the system for storing and such, encouraging play with others, making of milk product as has been suggested also creates a sink for milk as that sub market would add to the need for the greater milk, and on the subject of making things with milk, an API that would allow life hud makers to add creation of milk from Mused breasts to be used in their games would be great, imagine all the milk that would go into that, making foods for those systems and because they are not going into the mused game, they would have no affect on the calcium intake, because all such an API would do is allow you to -subtract- milk from the player and add the needed items for the other game.

    • they ones I refer to as bad are the ones that cheat, sorry for my bad typing,

  4. […] We are testing out phase one of the new calcium and production changes. (You can see the full post and discussion in comments here) […]

  5. Being one of these targeted organics I guess, I can say I don’t abuse the system. I don’t aim to break it. If you think 476.2 hours to fill a 100 liter tank is fast… Well.. that’s how long it takes me at my lph. Factor in the milk I drink to keep calcium topped, and it rises to 523.8 hours to fill the tank, which for me is an average of, 35 days. (34.92 to be specific)

    I’m using it, as it’s coded. As it’s intended. I’m just here, a lot. I don’t use any alts, though i had thought about it. Glad now, that I haven’t given you more money. (funny how that works, isn’t it?) The vibe I’m getting from Mused, both from this thread, and the group chat on the 10/6/13, is that I”m some Freakish Abnormality who fails at life, and they’d be happier if I packed up my things and got out of their system to make more room for the casuals, who have medically normal lives, can sleep a regular schedule, and work for someone else, spending less then sevenish hours online in a go.

    As I said… that’s just the Vibe I’m getting, though I expect certain others are starting to feel the same… ostracism. Certain medical situations influence when, and how well I sleep. So some days, I get more, some days I get less. I can’t predict it. I can’t force it. And your 12 hour cool down is going to force me to suck down the milk I’ve produced to clear it, or deal with it being outside a cycle I have no control over. Yeah. I’m not the problem, but it sure feels like I’m getting reamed for it. -_-

    • @Ambyrlee as a user who hasn’t even been hit by the verification in the last 30days I don’t see you as being affected by this frequently if at all. Also the amount we are asking people to drink to clear the 12hr lock has not been set because we wanted community feed back on it. It is the community who brought the complaint to us that a few users where on 24//7 producing constantly and they though this extreme and unfair. We agree an interactive game can not be played by a human 24hrs a day every day of the week. What we are looking for in this post is suggestions. If you don’t like what we have put forward please make an alternative suggestion. Also line 4 was does not specify an amount because we want to know what the community thinks should be the amount needed to clear the 12hr lock. Please take in mind everyone needs to drink 0.50L every day to maintain their calcium, so the amount would need to be equal to or greater then that to be considered.

      • Hello again Zindonas. I was showcasing my numbers, because it seems rather like you’re blanket attacking all organics who are on a lot. I do hit your projected caps, every single day. I am going to be effected. It is going to hit me, despite the fact that I am NOT the problem. And was your community the same 5% of active players that are on, just happily using your system all the time? And as to verification.. Check your facts. I was selected, and passed, on the 19th of September, and again on the 25th. The ONLY time, I have EVER failed, was the very first time, because it was new, and I wasn’t expecting it. and I was playing MTG with my nephews at the time. Note for further clarifications, I only pulled data relevant to the last 30 days, which you targeted.

        I have not missed a point of its silliness since. Not one time. Want a suggestion? Add a bit larger of a warning saying ‘Notice Product is a BETA’ to all signs, and sale points, rather then a very small notice on your website. That might help. As to how to fix what I don’t view as a problem? I don’t follow the community. I don’t live breath, and sleep it. I just do my own thing, with the breasts on. I don’t complain about the prices. It’s not my place to. I’ve visited the msued sim in the past, and I’ve seen milk for 11L per liter. I’ve bought some at that price, when i came back from a depression fueled break, to shore up my stock, before I started wearing my breasts all the time.

        I filled the 100L tank, planning to take a 230 day break, from having to wear the breasts. The reasons for that went away. So I sold it. I offered it at 15L per, and was told I lowballed myself. So… Filled it again. Sold it for 20 this time. These are the first times I’ve been selling, and based on when I bought for 11, those were really good prices to get for milk. Considering I don’t use hormones, and it’s just me. I, have nothing to complain about. And, I’m guessing the people that bought the milk I sold, weren’t upset with me either. So I’m curious, and trying to wrap my head around the problem?

        You have botters, and people with alts. They still bought the system. Right? They buy the hormones? Given that all I can see to do is drink it, or store it, or sell it, I still fail to see the problem. perhaps you can enlighten me?

  6. @Zindonas-> Then what’s the point of the hormone shot cap then? If all the “cheaters” only go organic? The way this is set up, for someone to use ONE shot and then organic their way through the rest of the day (total of 12 hours) they WILL go over the 10 liter limit. And also, you just said it yourself. They use multiple accounts. What’s stopping them from making more? And making up for the lost night hours? I seriously do not see how this would help anyone who plays the game fairly.

    • My point was more people are extremely high production organically then on hormone or grass. That did not mean that no one was extremely high on hormone only production. There is issues on both sides of the fence and this change is targeting both issues. On the note of hybrid production the increased calcium depletion is target at that and we are looking at options and open to suggestions. Very few people multi box and when those that do are reported or found to be doing so, beyond what is reasonable, we have been dealt with them. Once again this change will not impact most of our players directly. It will make most of our players milk more valuable and help reduce the excessive production levels we have seen since the market improved.

      • wait very few people multi box? As in use alts? Isn’t that the root of the problem you guys are working against? the ones you’re targeting? if it’s so small of a percentage than why is it even being addressed so critically?

        So if milk prices fail to rise, or even if it goes lower. Will this change be revoked and things just go back to before these depletions and freeze times?

        If so, how long will the trial time be? Because I don’t foresee any milk prices rising, only dropping as more bots are created the minute prices do rise. it will always happen in that pattern. Only in larger or smaller scale. Prices will fall as influx is sold. Then the cheap sellers run out and prices rise, then the ones who saved ->sell while the cheap sellers restock. Then prices hit rock bottom again as people tried to jump on the high price train and overproduce.

  7. I myself am a power user of the hormone shots but i believe the new limit is a great idea. I know i may get a lot of negative feedback from other players when i say this about the limit to drink to keep producing. I believe if it is possible to have a system make the player drink half of what they made IF THEY GO OVER the 25L a day.

  8. @Madeea Thankyou for responding, and ok, thats fair enough. You went from a closed group to an open group…. but A) charging that high a price for a beta test? and B) Where, on the marketplace demo, the Musedlife product info, the musedcreamery product info, and the full user manual, does it state that this is a beta? They are the things that potential buys will check, not trawling through the blog posts….

    My point is, it was never, displayed, clearly, for me when I purchased this, that it was in beta…. I thought that would be an important bit of info to put on -any- piece of advertisement and official documentation.

    • Front page of our website. Our website is displayed clearly next to the product along with the manual link and is encouraged to be read by customers before purchase as well as try the demo.

      Regardless of in beta or not, which isn’t the issue. I have played many “games” or participated in many systems, I’ve paid full price if not sometimes more for my beta position for said systems. At some point changes along the way brought on by those abusing the system were made to each i’ve been involved with, if I wasn’t abusing the system… it didn’t impact me. I continued to play to have fun. There will always be people for and against change. We will continue to take into consideration all of your suggestions on the system and appreciate the feedback.

      • so you are saying that the entire “5%” that this will directly impact, are all “abusing the system”?

      • With MilkMade, yes we have had to change the system due to abusers (bots and cheaters). The 5% that this refers to possibly impacting are not all abusing the system no, but they are making an impact on the system none the less with production unrealistic to the nature of the game. I personally, in RL can not hook myself up to a machine and pump for 24/7 without some sort of physical stress, fatigue, nutrient depletion, production drop as a reaction etc. I could pump myself full of hormones and continue to produce but at some point my body will say its had enough. We can not keep every aspect of the system on a realistic level, but areas we can try to mimic it and get the desired results for our customers we certainly will consider what we can do. We are trying to create balance for ALL users of the system, however we can not make them all happy with our decisions unfortunately.

      • I just cannot help but get the impression that you are penalising the “hardcore active” sl’ers to improve the experience for casuals….. reminds me of blizzard….. oh well, left WoW when that happened too

      • Ah so we should just forget about that population of players? For just your benefit right? I’m sure everyone is loving that suggestion. Hmm perhaps you can understand there also is the flip side to that. We are trying to find a middle ground to appease as much as we can, we can’t please everyone…and luckily we’re not world of warcraft.

      • Ok, since you wanted to be somewhat condescending in your reply…. Allow me to clarify here. No, NOT my benefit… I am not -in- the “5%” Never was, and likely NEVER will be. Forget about them? No…. They are on when they are on… they milk the same, they produce what they produce when they are on…. they get the same income from selling milk as any hardcore player and get the same benefits when they level up as any hardcore player. You get out of a game equal to what time you put into it…. Or atleast thats how it SHOULD be…. But ostracizing the hardcore minority to “make most players milk more valuable” is well, I dont really have a decent pleasant word for it.

        People get out of something, what they put in it… If you want to change the goal posts to tilt the playing field so that the ones who put less in get more out…. be my guest. I wont be there when it happens EVEN though it doesnt effect me…. and I am likely in the majority that would “benefit”…. It isnt personal detriment that drives me to oppose this change, its a common sense of fair play.

  9. Thank you all for your feed back! We are looking at the suggestions and numbers comparing ideas and seeing how they would in theory play out with the data we have on our end and we will be making any adjustments we can to make this an even better idea! We love your feed back and support its great to know you care about :mused: ^_^

  10. I hope will be well thinked over. i see two problems.
    1. how will system know how much milk you got from shoot and how much organic. I mean here to when to hit 2.5 or 25 litters barrier and get cool down time.
    2. for those that are online for 12 hours or more there has to be some way to switch lactation off, not just option to take implants off. So they dont fall into 12 hours cool down when careful.

    • there is an option to stop lactation already on the breasts. I think that, however, since this is also pitched towards RP’ers that want to do some immersive … milky cow rp…. it risks breaking immersion, which will turn that group of buyers away from this.

      • 2.5L & 25L are not a hard lactation off, as line 4 states we will have a way to re-enable it through drinking more milk.

    • Thank your or the concern,
      1. The system logs bonus items usage and all such things are calculated on our web server not in SL.
      2. From the breast menu you can click the lactation button to disable lactation or enable it. This has been a standard feature since version 1.00 as users wanted the ability to turn lactation off in General regions.

      • @prior statement…. No, I know have thought of re-enabling by drinking, but that just further reduces what causes most people to USE this system in the first place. Drink to regain calcium, drink to manage extra lost calcium if you are using hormones, drink MORE to clear a cooldown if you are using way too much hormones, or are an active SL’er doing things organic….. -I- likely wont be effected by any of this, but I know a good few that will, on both the hormone and the organic side of the spectrum…. and I can tell ya, its turning them off continued use of the product, to the point of asking to return the item as it has changed from the product they originally purchased….

        Maybe I am being overcautious, but I just see this causing more bad than good in the long run.

      • @demonkitten
        The point is to discourage excessive production. There is more to the mused system then just making milk. Also the system is in open beta and we will make changes as is needed. I appreciates your concern but what we want is suggestions to resolve the issue. These change effects a small number of users and befits far more. As for those you think would be effected they can speak on their own behalf.

      • “There is more to the mused system then just making milk.”

        Personally, I think this is the issue. Specifically: there isn’t. Well, maybe that’s not exactly true. There’s also drinking milk. But other than that, producing is about 50% by volume of what it’s about really.

        I’ve heard of plans to allow for “crafting” with milk, as well as new interactions and such, but really, I think you’re “fixing” something that isn’t truly broken here. You say that you’re spending inordinate amounts of time tweaking the guidelines of production, and that leaves you less time to spend on development.

        My advice? Stop messing with the rules of production- START inventing new interactions that encourage people to do OTHER things with the game apart from mindlessly produce.

        More carrot and less stick, IMO.

      • @vere.messerchmitt – I guess your under the impression we sit around and do nothing aside from try to create balance with the system. We’ve already been working on several projects during this process, this is only one portion of the complete idea.

      • @:mused:

        It’s not my “impression” that no unique interactions have come out in months that don’t heavily involve drinking/producing, it’s my ~observation~.

        There haven’t. I can’t of course speak to the unreleased things you may have brewing back there, I can only speak to the things that have been released.

        And there? Well, the last truly unique/interesting thing to roll out in honesty was the tap, and IMO, this only really ~begins~ to tap the wealth of interactions possible with a system like this.

        But until more of these sorts of things do come out, well, then the focus will remain on mindless production, and ways to circumvent limitations you keep placing on the system.

        Also, well, you’ve just ~yourself~ said that the amount of time you spend preoccupied with tweaking production dynamics limits the amount of time you can spend on creating new interactions and things to use with the system.

        True, you didn’t say how much that is true, but that coupled with the ~apparent~ lack of things for this system not directly related to production or consumption I think makes my assertion quite a bit more than just an “impression”.

  11. I personally think a 10% depletion on even organic producers is just silly. Like comments stated above, we can make no more than 3 liters a day. Hormone shot cap I can understand, but even then with 10% depletion that’s pretty much putting the value you get out of a hormone shot down the toilet. You’ll be losing more money on the shots (multiply the amount you make with hormones for X hours, with the current market price and then subtract the amount you COULD make with the same time but organically AND the price of the hormones. That comes out to what? (if you’re over .20 lph) to maybe 10 lindens average that came OVER the amount you could make without hormones for the DAY? Add in the calcium deduction and guess what? you’re in the negative. You’ve lost more money then that time could have made you (this will lower hormone shot buys. Aka, your money).

    As earlier posts stated, I really don’t understand the thinking behind this. Has anyone considered that the Bot users are either not bots, just SL addicts like the rest of us, or are going to bot either way? Sure you can add in the depletions and freeze time. But the only ones that really impacts are the ACTIVE musers (And active musers, are what keeps the groups going, the new people welcome, and the foundation of the appeal to Mused.). The bots? Let’s face it. Hmmm what’s going to happen now? “Oh look, a 12 hour freeze time…guess I better make a few more alts and have them all running at the same time then.” The organic ones aren’t the problem, neither are the heavy producing ones really. Bot’s will be bots. Nothing a person can do about it. Let’s face it, they’re smart enough to CREATE a bot. What makes them dumb enough to FAIL? The only people who’ll get impacted are the ones who don’t know how to bypass it (and it won’t be the source of the problem that can’t bypass it, I can assure you of that).What should be done instead of putting limitations on the gamers, is (also like a person said earlier) having more things to do with the milk. More tanks skins that can be exchanged, more appliers that can be bought. More limited edition (preferably collectable, like mused dolls or something and they can hold like 5 liters of milk) and I guarantee you, the prices for milk will rise. (cute) Collectable items always work. It’s the inner shoe hoarder effect in all of us.

    The gaming population is mostly women. What do women like? Shopping. It’ll work. And even if, yes, you’re technically making all these appliers/skins for “free” but with that small effort, more shots will get bought, and SPENT on your items. You make more money, and musers make more money since all the “sellable” milk, is going towards shopping at your store.

    To counteract all the supply, you need to highten the demand. (preferably in a way that doesn’t piss off the hard working foundation)
    The increased lactation reward now is more of a penalty than anything. Don’t make it sound like that’s a bright side. That’s definitely a down side. Because THEY are the ones who spend over 12 hours on the game actually playing. And they are getting penalized even more so than newcomers with the “reward.”

    And guess what? Most of that 5 %? is your active game base. Not the bots. Recalculate it. And this time? Take out all the names who haven’t produced in one week, or have produced less than 7 liters that entire week put together. Yeah, not 5% now is it?


    ps. Sorry if it sounded rude. But the truth never does sound good.

    In all honesty? When people come to you for help in raising milk prices. YOU should tell THEM to stop selling so low then. Decrease the market supply. No one will be willing to do that. Why should you be willing to go out of your way for them and on top of that punish others for it?

    I highly dislike it when people rant about a problem and try and get others to take the fall for its cause. It’s like my teacher was saying “There are too many people in this world, it needs to be controlled and limited”-> My first thought is “Well are you offering yourself up as first sacrifice then?”

    Yes, milk prices are hitting/will hit rock bottom. That’s just how the market goes. You just need to wait it out for the rise. And from the goodness of your heart maybe (along with the fact it will impact your future sales positively in the long run) make more products to use the milk for (and not as NECESSITIES (aka heavy calcium depletion)), it just pisses everyone off. No one likes to have it forced upon them. At best they’ll grudgingly do the MINIMUM. Including the ones who try to gain levels drinking milk. They’ll stop OVER drinking, and just do minimum per day. They’ll get to where they want to go and faster/helps them produce more as well. And these people are the main BUYERS, you just lowered the demand again, along with supply. It will do nothing for the market, well it’ll do something since people will leave/stop trying and just cut losses at minimum). But give people (especially women) a choice? We buy more than needed. Reverse psychology. Never gets old. This is basic psychology. When you set up a limit, people who never even hit that amount, will go out of their way and start to. Simply because they don’t want to have less than everyone else. Opportunity cost is a double edged sword.

    So let’s wrap it up to the bottom line. With all the positives and negatives put in. The supply will stay more or less the same (more people might be more active, while the original active users pan out. This can be a pro or a con, since eventually, they’re going to realize they are getting penalized for higher MoT level.) The demand, will go lower (because we probably lost the ones who drink a lot of milk now as buyers)….how is this helping anyone again?

    Messing with the market directly, never goes well. Just take a look at US history. Hell the state of the economy globally. You can’t have the best of both worlds. Either stay capitalist, or not. Mixing is BAD and doomed to fail.

    I used to think Mused was Genius for the game economy set up. Now I’m wondering if the person in charge of the basic economy planning was recently changed….if so…get him back. (No offence)

    ok, now I’m done lol ❤

    • First, yay for Free Market Capitalism!! Second, if none of the suggestions offered above appeal, perhaps I can offer a different tack. As Ms. Anon stated, if you want to have some control on the market, there are other ways to limit or shrink supply so it creates more demand. One of those is the little thought of, almost never mentioned, smallest fraction of the game community…. drinkers that are solely drinkers. I guarantee that if you find a way to incentivize people to drink without producing or merely to maintain calcium levels, The supply will begin to balance with demand. And no, I don’t mean an occasional drinking contest, although helpful & fun as long as drama queens don’t start fussing about their ability ability to win such a contest. I mean some built-in advantages to solely drinking. Now, I’ll admit I’m not the smartest and especially not the most creative cookie in the bunch, so I have no idea as to what can be done to make it an attractive choice, but I’m sure by planting the seed, those who are can think of some interesting thoughts along those lines…

  12. Due to a variety of circumstances, I am on my pc for 15 to 20 hours a day. And my laptop, is online the same amount. One, or the other is nearly always logged into SL, with my breasts on. Chatting, shopping, building, tweaking, adjusting outfits, re-purposing older purchases to new tasks… Or when things in RL require more focus, idling. But I’m always here, never botting. It’s always ME pushing that pump or transfer button. And now, because I’m using your product as intended, you’re penalizing me for having time to so do.

    I don’t use the hormones, because they aren’t cost effective for me. It takes me just over a month to fill the 100L tank, at my current MoT of 7. Now, you’re wanting to make it even harder, and take longer, and thus be even less of a worth while endeavor. I’ll be honest, I’m not interested in the stats, I don’t care about the mini game. I’m in a very small family, that was started on a whim. The value to me, is in selling the milk, and if I have to drink more of it, then I produce, to the point that it takes 2 months, or 3, to fill the tank… That’s going to severely kill my interest. I understand you haven’t published numbers for the ‘tba milk amount’ so my numbers are pure conjecture.

    So, how bout this, since you’re wanting to change the product from what I purchased… should you push the change through, and the amount of milk required for those of us who have time to hit your caps, be untenable for me, I’ll give your breasts back, and you give my 2500 lindens back and we call it square?

    • The system is in beta and there will be changes some may not be popular with all users. But this is an issue we are addressing because of consumer concern.

      • And that’s fine Zindonas, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I just hope you’re company will be willing to compensate those of us put off by the changes, because the product will no longer be ‘enjoyable’ in it’s current state. Too many hoops to jump through, start to make it look a lot less appealing. But hey, Botters have been trashing my MMOs for years, might as well ruin this one for me too.

        I did find your comment about that amusing. SL is a massive online venue, and you added a mini-game that tracks stats. Grind + users + value. Hello MMO. Perhaps a slightly different breed of one… but one just the same. And people care about it, and get invested in it. And isn’t that what you wanted and are trying to defend? ^.~ ❤

      • Um, Hi yeah…. ok, gonna be a lil bit of a devils advocate but….

        When has it ever been stated that the Milkmade system is classified as beta? No where on the documentation does it state that this system is in beta, Version numbers represent past beta, there is never ever an a or b at the end of a version number to symbolise alpha or beta stage….

        Sorry, but when someone starts raising questions of refunds due to the product function being different than when purchased, you cannot -suddenly- throw up that this is a beta….. If this has been stated somewhere, you know, public…. and I am wrong, then, ignore this…. but

        Yeah, kinda irked me that one.

      • sorry, I do need to add something….. Open beta, by the way… I have never, in my life, paid the equivelant of $10 for an open beta of a full fledged game, let alone a small system…. if I had seen that this system was a beta product, I likely would have been more reserved in my purchase….

        I know I am being negative…. I know you are looking for CONSTRUCTIVE feedback…. ideally this “majority” that are gonna benefit telling you its a great idea…. but it seems to only be the “minority” here giving feedback. You assume that 12 hrs online time is a minority…. It isnt. Very far from it. You claim there is more to the system than milking? What exactly, is that then? What have I missed, You milk, store milk, you drink milk to keep calcium up and keep making milk, or store and drink to level up and produce milk quicker… which with these changes becomes defunct, Whats the point to a lactation bonus is EVERYONE is subject to the same production limit?

        There are add ons for increasing your level, visual ones…. there is a MINUTE selection of items you can purchase with milk in the store.

        So, I would be interested in knowing what you were referring to in regards to the system being about more than milking.

        The Minority, which isnt a minority atall, are giving you useful feedback, A couple of posts have given REALLY good ideas to help float the market, but they are being, for all public view, ignored.

        You want to stop cheaters, I get that…. the music and film industries have tried to stop piracy for YEARS…. guess what, they havent done it yet, what makes you think that these actions, harming the “minority” to benefit the “majority” will succeed?

      • For those of you that are confused as to why this system is referred to as still in “beta” let me point out to you that our website and our blog has been in existence since the creation of the product. We have logged all information and provided it to you in all ways that we possibly can. The product was tested with a group in “closed” beta and then brought to you, the public, as an “open beta” product. No where have we stated that we are no longer in open beta. In fact, this is only ONE portion of the system. I encourage those of you complaining to keep in mind that many of your suggestions about how to “deplete milk” from the grid we have already had on our list of plans for the system well before mentioned by any of the users. We have worked in customer suggestions that are feasible and plan to continue to do so. We have many aspects of this system yet to come and will continue to try to create balance with your feedback while keeping the integrity of the system. I can assure you my team does not “suddenly” throw false statements in the air, it benefits no one.

    • I agree with you Ambyrlee. I have days where I am on that much as well and I do use shots. I as well would quit the system if I were to become punished for using it to its fullest capacity. I have a feeling the complaints are coming from people that aren’t in world as much. I know their are unethical users out there using the bot system but most of us active users are homemakers or self employed that can have SL running in the background of their every day life. There is many times I have SL going while I am doing other things in RL so I am available for my staff and patrons at my club. Making milk while I do so is just a bonus. If I am to get punished for that, the system becomes meaningless to me. I don’t do Milkmade for the money from selling milk. I do it for the fetish aspect. SO if I end up on a production hold, I would lose the ability to make milk for my purpose.

  13. So you intend to now punish players for not buying hormone shots?

    I am on SL 12+ hours a day. Working. But I have my breasts on and make milk in that time. My MOT level is 11 currently, that gives me a 0.22lph rate. in 12 hours I make 2.64 liters. Uh oh, I hit your organic cap on a daily basis. I usually make about 3 liters a day actually since I often exceed 12 hours. Now, i have to buy and use a grass or hormone shot just to avoid getting locked out for 12 hours. Punishment for me, or money in your pocket.

    How is this fair to me? I did nothing wrong and yet now i am treated like this mythical evil super-producer that is wrecking a market that only ever had a limited userbase in the first place. if all you can do is drink it or store it, the only reasons to buy it are to drink it or store it. At some point, you run out of money either way. And then you start selling your own milk…and there is no one to buy cause everyone else did the same. You cannot respond to slow markets by limiting production even further, you need to give the market more to do with the product. Milk does one thing and that is all. And thus it moves slowly. Big buyers are actually a problem, they create a temporary appearance of a robust market, but the problem is they are temporary and when they run out of money or accomplish their goal, the market goes right back to where it was. Stale.

    Sadly, having caps and limits in place will make it far MORE likely people will start using tools and such to bot, since you must now be more careful and precise than ever to maximize the amount of milk you can produce during your online time, and there is less reason to think you’ll actually sell your milk. By All means make it cost more calcium for greater than normal production. That makes logical sense, at least while milk is the only source of calcium in the game. But your tits stop working for 12 hours cause you were alive and breathing? That makes no sense at all.

  14. I do question, though I havent been such for a while, how this change will be fair to those who do spend 10 – 14 hrs logged into Second life a day, either playing, socialising or working, while running the breasts that would hit the 2.5 litres organically as stated above. Yes, if you are running hormones then I can understand the production limit, but people who wear the breasts day to day, and have a large active life on SL, will be put out by the organic production limit. The production at the moment for someone with no hormones, who spends the above mentioned hours in world…. takes about a month to fill 100L, which retails at about 2k in todays market. Adding a 12 hr cooldown, or increasing their need to drink to remove said cooldowns, will make the system seem like a waste of time to people who do hope to earn a lil bit of money from playing with the breasts.

    Alot of what is suggested, I would agree with. But some of it seems, well, unfair, to those who do spend a large amount of time -active- in SL

  15. I would suggest that instead of a 12hr cool down for those who produce the milk organically that they get a the same tiny 10% penalty which would let them continously produce milk without milk production stopping.

    I wonder what others think of this idea.

    • I think any form of additional penalty is stupid. This is pretty much saying “Well, since we can’t take out the problem, will just chop all of you in half, and that should add up to the amount of the problem that OTHER PEOPLE caused. And on top of that, to rub salt on those wounds, those very people will find a way to get out of paying any penalty.

      I really don’t think this idea is going to fly. It’s only the first day and this post has gotten more feedback than anything in like 2 months. It will only get worse from here on out when the top levels realize what’s going on, as well as the just beginning or contemplating beginning musers.

      • This post has gotten more feedback because staff has been instructed to send people here to post feedback so the creators can review it over just post it in group chat where it may be missed. Correlation does not mean causation.

    • I think it defeats the purpose of the idea, to combat anti botting. If they go over their allotted limit, they should be subject to the same 12 hour cooling period, with the option to drink a yet to be determined amount of milk to remove the cooling period. There only difference between organically, and hormones, is the amount of milk. It’s still the same amount of time spent milking.

    • The intent there is to encourage more interaction with the system making it harder to automate as one would need to drink to clear that. Not just keep on going like they have been.

      • but while making it harder to automate you are penalising people who -dont- automate…. and those that DO automate, and use bots…. are …. and please please read this bit because i am not the only one to have said it…. are going to find a way around your countermeasures… They were smart enough to bot and automate the process, they were smart enough (some of them) to get around the captcha that was introduces god knows when, they will be smart enough to get by this, where as normal people engaged in their day to day SL, that arent watching their production, will get hit by calcium depletions or cool downs….

        Sorry about the amount of responses, Ill likely shut up for now unless something -really- grabs my attention, like the beta claim

  16. Might be an idea to limit the use of the hormones to one shot a day, that would both help to reduce production and make it easier to spot cheaters

    • That’s not something I see Madeea even considering, as that would curb sales of hormones and reduce *her* profit. Remember she’s trying to make a bit of dough with all this, not just because it’s f’ing fun. ;D

      I think the organic production limits are a bit silly, as I can’t see organic producers being the ones influencing the market to that great a degree. The limits for those that constantly boost their production with hormones does make sense, not only as a market control, but in a more realistic sense. Making that much milk so rapidly would necessarily deplete your body’s store of calcium just as rapidly. And I agree with Angelina’s suggestion on organic production. Make it a 10% calcium deduction on anything made above 2.5L per day on top of the standard 0.5mg.

      Because sure, we want to discourage over-production and devaluing milk prices with a glut of product, but not everyone’s been playing the game from the beginning, either, and those new players who might be trying to play catch up with the old guard may feel frozen out with some of the new restrictions. And others may be working on production solely for storage, since that is a factor in Generation ranking.

      • The organic production limit is to help curb cheaters, many users who use multiple accounts do not use bonus items as they time is infinite but their $L is not. So their time has no value. The organic limit is geared towards curbing that. The captcha has helped some but it has not done as much as we or the community would like. Also please note again the organic limit is not a hard off as it can be cleared by drinking more milk.

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