Meet Rachel: New Scripter

Hey musers!

We have an awesome new staff member Rachel Aeon (shiinto.Ceawlin). Shi has been a long time user of milkmade and has recently joined us to work on scripting a new project and we are very excited to have hir on board! If you did not see our previous staff introductions you can find them here: Zindonas, Kira, Nova, Cali, Sky, Annabelle


A little about Rachel:

“I’m curious, patient, considerate, and I strive to evolve and move forward.”

How will people usually see you, (do you have an avatar you prefer?)

“I believe I’m most frequently to be found in equine avatars, although there are longer periods when I turn feline too.”

What do you enjoy about milkmade?

“I enjoy that it extends my virtual life experience with fond features, and that this experience can be shared with others.”

Why did you decide you wanted to join the :mused: staff?

“I saw that its a team that works well together to produce said fond features, and I wanted to become a part of it by contributing with my abilities.”

What do you hope to accomplish/ contribute to :mused:?

“I hope to bring in my skills and ideas to add to both existing and new mused products, so that they become even more awesome.”

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