Some Stud Pump and Dharma Changes

Hey musers!

We have been looking our dharma calculations and decided that we need to tweak a few things.

The first modification changes the way dispensing is applied to the Master’s stat. When the Stud Pump system was new we wanted to encourage use through a large dispensing bonus. Over time Stud Pump dharma contribution has fallen out of balance. The current set up was encouraging people to use it as a way to game the system and increase stats in a way not consistent with system use. The value of the dispensing stat is being reduced as it applies to Dharma calculations.

The second modification allows servants storage stat to contribute to their master in addition to their highest point value. We always intended it to work this way but have had some issues getting it to apply correctly. It should be now.

Highest Dharma Points + Storage Points = Points to Master

The third is an increase the Stud Pump weekly limit. We have watched production for a while now and we are comfortable with raising the base limit. This will put the weekly limit to 7,000 µL per week without any modifications from milk drinking or bonus items.

If you notice any issues with these changes as always please put in a support ticket so we can address it as soon as possible. Happy milking!

New Stud Pump Attachments and Dharma

Hey musers!

We have added a few new Stud Pump attachments for you to use! You just need to attach your existing :mused: Stud Pump Attachment HUD or go to the demo Rez tables in the Main Store to select these new options.

  • Feline [State 4] – :mused: Attachment EXL Feline Cock State 4
  • Feline [HW4 State 10] – :mused: Attachment EXL Hw4 Feline Cock State 10
  • Canine [State 4] – :mused: Attachment Realistics Canine State 4
  • Feline Classic [State 8] – :mused: Attachment VSX Classic Feline State 8
  • Second VSX Feline Classic in a less erect state to be added soon.

We have also posted the details for the up coming Dharma changes on the main website, you can read the post about it here. So take a look! These changes will be going live in a few weeks so keep an eye out further announcements concerning it.