August :mused: pinup Daisy Ogleby

This month’s theme for our pinup is “Boobs in Space” and I am pleased to introduce the Lovely Daisy Ogleby!

The Milky Way

Breasts: :mused: milkmade
Shape: Custom
Skin: League Misty Pale
Eyes: Poetic Colors Classic Dark Soil
Lipstick: L.Fauna Lipstick Red 3
Hair: Alice Project Erika Indigo 05
Dress/Stockings/Boots: Jaydee Designs
Pose: D.Luxx Poses

The theme for September will be “I’m on a boat” I am thinking pirates, row boats, spaceships, Yachts anything you could possibly call a boat/ship/raft have fun with it. Remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Last months pinup Taru Crystal.

You can see another picture Daisy sent us below I hope you enjoy!Rocket Girl copyProp/Pose: Sparrowtree Studios Poses

July :mused: pinup Taru Crystal

This month’s theme for our pinup is “Summer Fun” and we bring to you the sexy surfer Taru Crystal!

Taru CrystalI really did not get any feed back on whether or not the themes were helping and so I am just going to go with it. The theme for august will be “Boobs in Space” with these themes were are looking for creativity and fun. Remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Last months pinup luciafavianellia.

I also did not get any feed back on whether or not to show the runner ups on here as well so instead I will show you another picture Taru sent up for this month with the lovely Luciafavianella and one that was just Luciafavianella herself. Enjoy!

Summer Fun Pin Up 2013_001 Taru Crystal featuring luciafavianellia

June :mused: pinup luciafavianellia

This month’s pinup is the ever sexy luciafavianellia Resident with the Theme of “His Girls”


We have not really been getting a lot of submissions for this I had hoped that adding a theme would help inspire some ideas, maybe help boost some people’s confidence since they knew what we were expecting. We have another theme planed for July but let me know what you think of it should we keep doing themes? Does it help or does it just bind your creativity? Should we drop doing the pinups all together? Should we feature our runner ups as well? Let me know what you all want! Anyway the theme for July is “Summer Fun” remember to check out or submission guidelines and to check out Iona Lemondrop from last month if you missed her.

(We got a few really nice pictures from Lucy and since we can’t feature them all as “the” pinup I decided to put them down here so take a look!)

Pinup submissions change

Hey musers,

It has come to our attention that some of the submissions being put in via the in world Mailbox were not getting to us. As we have no way to know why this system was not working (and I can only guess it has a lot to do with the SL inventory issues we have all been seeing lately) we have opted to move away from using the Mailbox to using e-mail only for pinup submissions. We hope this change will not inconvenience anyone but we want to be sure we get all the images that people put so much hard work into.

The email address to send you pinup submissions to is You can find the submission guidelines here if you have more questions. And as a reminder the theme for this month’s picture is “His Girls” Also don’t forget about the custom pump tank contest you have a week left to enter.

May :mused: pinup Iona Lemondrop

Hey musers,

If you remember last month we started putting out a theme for our pinup submissions. This month’s the Theme was “May Flowers” Here is the Sexy Iona Lemondrop with her interpretation on the theme.


The theme for June is “His Girls” I can’t wait to see what you all put in, Please do remember to look through our submission rules and send in some awesome pictures! If you missed her you can see last month’s pinup ClarieLynn Resident

April :mused: pinup ClarieLynn Resident

For April’s pinup we bring you the lovely ClarieLynn

:mused: pinup model April 2013!

ClarieLynn Resident Pin Up 2Thanks so much to those who submitted and we continue our search for sexy men and woman for each month’s pinup. We are doing something a little different this next month as an experiment. We are going to give you a theme to help get the creative juices flowing.

Next month’s theme is “May Flowers” and all images for that must be submitted by May 20th.

If you think you have what it takes to be a :mused: pinup you can find the submission guidelines here  so you can send in your own sexy self to be May’s pinup! If you missed her check out March’s Sexy Kira!

March :mused: pinup Kira Zobel

Hey musers

Its the last Monday of the month, that means its pinup time again! Meet Kira Zobel :mused: pinup model March 2013!

march Kira

Once again we got quite a few great submissions which are not out of the running for future months but we are always looking for new submissions so if you think you have got what it takes to be a :mused: pinup we would love to see what you have got, check out our submission guidelines for all the details on how to submit for our April pinup.

And if you missed her take a look at February’s Pinup