:mused: milkmade v1.30 update

:mused: milkmade breast v 1.3

New Features:

  • Changed the way skin appliers work allowing two different textures to be used.
  • Update Menu button only shows when rezed on the ground to prevent confusion.
  • Added pump menu to /5 pump command.
  • Particle menu now “locked” by default
  • Added Tangos shirt applier support
  • Added Xcite! compatibility

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing textures on milk made pump harness logo working now
  • API – engorged state is now reporting correctly
  • Spelling errors corrected
  • /5 lacon now works correctly
  • Particle effect for “squeeze on” now works consistently
  • Nipple menu now consistently triggers another dialog
  • Dialog menus optimized.

To update your breasts rez a copy of the breast update USB and it will give you a script (it will go into your scripts folder) and the float text on the USB will say “find script given to you [mm_drop_in_breasts_to_start_update] Rez Milk Made breasts and drop the script in them to start the update”. Keep the USB rezed and rez a copy of your breasts and edit them. Put the script the USB gave you into the breasts contents via the edit window. Once it is in the breasts it will start the update process and will delete itself once done. The updated breasts will have version 1.30 in the description. You can rename them so that they are easier to find in your inventory but as some customers rename their breasts for different avatars or outfits we did not want to change the name of the breasts automatically. The USB will then say “find script given to you [mm_drop_in_breasts_to_start_update] Rez Milk Made breasts and drop the script in them to start the update” again. And you can update another copy of your breasts just as the first one if you chose to.

*note* This update will take your milkmade version 1.2 and update them to version 1.3.

If you do not have milkmade version 1.2 the update USB will not work correctly but you can use the version 1.30 breasts that are in the box sent with the update. If for some reason the update is not sent to you when you attach a pair of older breasts you can request the update to be sent to you via the update terminal found in world under the breast vender or you can put in a ticket and one of our staff will take care of it as soon as they are able.

  • Category: “redelivery”
  • Title: “Request milkmade v1.30 full package”
  • Description: “I have a version of milkmade prior to 1.30 and need to have the update delivered.”

With this update there are now 3 old versions of milkmaid, this creates a lot of issues as people are encountering bugs that have been fixed or are looking for features that were implemented on a newer set of breasts, we can not continue to support them. We are giving a 4 week grace period for everyone to be able to update to the current version and then the old versions will be shut down. They can still be updated to current after that point but they will no longer create milk. Please update as soon as possible.

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