State of the mused address IV

Hey musers,

Now that we have wrapped up the region redesign we will be moving on in our todo list.

  • New Stud pump attachments to work with different bits and brands
  • New Stud pump achievements
  • New custom tanks
  • New Limited edition prize items
  • New Dharma (gen) Calculations to bring in Stud pump users and to more fairly and fluidly apply servants to a master.
  • A way to turn Semen into consumable/tradeable bonus items
  • Stud pump ranking charts
  • Improved tracking of stats and consumption on the badge HUD so you know just how much semen you have drank, or received.
  • Improvements to storage tracking and organization
  • RLV devices for pumping.

Then our next BIG projects now that Stud Pump is released are:

A full fertility and pregnancy system that will work with both our existing systems. This is still early in its development and this is all subject to change as we go however, this is what we are currently thinking. It uses semen (either from a tank or from the stud pump hud) to start a pregnancy depending upon the fertility settings of the person who is getting pregnant. The pregnancy can result in a baby that can be nursed or adopted out. We want this to have as much customization as possible for various species and peoples and whatever you might want for your settings. There will be stats like our other games and we want them to tie into the over arching ranking boards as well.

Mesh Milkmade that comes with a full rewrite of the milkmade system. We are working on mesh breasts that will have a few different styles for different shapes and sizes to better fit everyone’s desires. We hope to have some that are also fit mesh to work with physics and such. They will all be compatible with milkmade and will be purchasable with milk we will have the details on that as we get closer to their release. While we work on this we will also be rewriting milkmade based on newer scripting functions and things we learned in the last few years and scripting stud pump. Our hope is to make it have a lower script impact while also offering more features and better functioning. We want to move the core of the game to a HUD as we did with stud pump to provide more versatility for our users.

Both of these systems will tie into the existing achievement system we have started with Stud pump.  We hope to be working on these simultaneously and will have more information for you as we go along, so keep any eye on the blog and group notices.

State of the :mused: address III

Hey musers,

With the new year underway I wanted to update you all with some of what has been going on behind the scenes per say. As you may know from the first state of the :mused: address we are working on a new game that will compliment milkmade for those who have cocks called Stud Pump. That is currently in closed beta and we are working very hard to fish out all the bugs and get that bad boy out to market for you!

We have added a Milk Bank and gaming compatibility (you can check that out in the :mused: town square) back in October.

An update of the siphon has gone out that helped to fix the issues with ‘too many listens’ script error and pagination for tanks selection, for browsing more than 10 tanks on a parcel.

I know I know you all want more information about the stud pump. Well as you know the Stud Pump is the pump and semen creation system only it does not include any bits themselves but rather a wide variety of shape options to fit as many different bits as we could manage. Some of these bits have really robust APIs and we are doing our best to have our system talk to as many of them as possible so that your bits will respond automatically and seamlessly when when you use the Stud Pump system.

Here are a list of bits brands we currently have working: (please note that this might not be the full list at release and some of these brands might no longer work in as integrated fashion as we would like when we release because of changes on the part of the brands themselves this is just what we have now and should give you an idea. If you want to see others added let us know via suggestion ticket so we can add them to the list to implement.)

  • Psicorp
  • Aeros
  • Xcite
  • RUT
  • Realistics
  • VSX / VSXM
  • EXL

Stud Pump will also feature more stats to play with from the get go giving you more to do and play with. (Again drinking is not a required feature like it is in milkmade it is however an option if you choose to).

The Stud Pump tanks are more realistically sized in comparison to the volumes they will hold and are a lower land impact than current milkmade tanks.

Remember we do read suggestions, we love to see what you all want. If you have an idea and don’t see it on the list from our last state of the :mused: address let us know so we can put it up for voting. (*Please keep in mind we consider these suggestions during our creation process but not all suggestions will be implemented.)

State of the :mused: address I

Hey musers,

Now that both the Full Breasts and milkmade have been updated (Full Breasts are on version 2 and milkmade is on version 1.30) :mused: is going to be turning our attention full time to some projects we have been working on and can hopefully get these things really going. We will of course be working on other things as well but these are the two big projects.

The first is the Stud Pump which people have been asking for since we first released milkmade a little over a year ago. This is a big project we have been working on it for some time and now can really focus on it. I wanted to let you know what we were thinking and working toward. Nothing is set in stone yet all of this is subject to change as we really get into the bones of creating it but there has been a lot of talk and I wanted to give you all a picture of where things sat for our current planing.

  • The Stud Pump will be a cock pump collecting semen rather than milk.
  • It will be a complimentary game to the milkmade system both can benefit from each other but neither is required to play the other.
  • You can, but do not have to, drink the semen.
  • This will be the pump only not the cock to go with it so you can use whatever you normally use there will be a lot of options and we hope to make it natively compatible to as many brands as possible.
  • As its a separate game the stat charts will be separate but we hope to have a bridging HUD so if you do use both you don’t need a pile of HUDs

The next big thing we are working on for the breast side of things is Mesh!

  • The new breasts will be a different product than what is currently for sale we are not simply taking milkmade and Full Breasts and making them mesh. They will be compatible with milkmade however.
  • We hope to offer a few different shapes to suit a wider variety of tastes.
  • We are hoping to make them resize more seamlessly than other mesh options to allow for even greater avatar customization.
  • We want to make them as compatible with the existing market of appliers as possible for easier use.

What sort of features would you like to see added to either of these? What brand of cocks would you like to see supported? Let us know in the comments.

Yesterday was the last day of voting for the Tank Mod off and the winner is Zindonas with a duel bellowed scifi mod.

Also next week is the June pin up so this is the last week to submit your images for this month’s theme “His Girls”