Coming soon: Family Tome Update

An update to the Family Tome is coming!

Update includes:

  • A new look that will let you have it closed or open. (including materials update)
  • You can send milk to family members directly from your tank.
  • When you delete your family the tome will now burst into flame and char to make the change more clear.
  • Ability to trade the tome within the family without it breaking
  • Trading it to someone outside of the family will no longer break it.
  • Family Gen will be called Family Rank to help reduce confusion that stemmed from having two different rankings named Generation.

We are in the final stages of testing this so you should be seeing the update very soon.

Hunt For The Cure: Hunt Item Previews 1 of 5

Hey all! With the HFTC going live in a week I wanted to give you all a taste of what was out there to find! Below are some of the hunt items that the shop owners sent us preview images of, we got quite a lot so I am break this up in to four posts throughout the next week. (maybe more if we get more) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Holi pocket

Holli Pocket

Brea's Closet w Brea's Closet m

Brea’s Closet

B-uniq m B-uniq w


HFTC Prize from Feyline Fashions

Feyline Fashions

(Surge) Breast Cancer Awareness Kitten

SurgeHFTC2 Preview - El Patio Inc.

El Patio Inc.

hftc gift Sandreen's FashionSandreen’s Fashion

Bayne By Shame Me Shapes 2013Pixy Shape pic By Shame Me Shapes

Shame Me DesignsTwinkle & Dazzle

Twinkle & Dazzle

Something New ~ Hunt for the CureSomething New

Annabelle: New Support

The ever adorable Annabelle HighWater (Kazooyuki Resident) has joined the ranks of :mused: staff to help out during our peek times like Skye who I introduced you to last week. In case you missed our previous staff introductions: Zindonas, Kira, Nova, Cali

Kaz new

A little about Annabelle:

“I keep losing the game :3 and Um um.. titty sprinkles?”

How will people usually see you, (do you have an avatar you prefer?)

“I am usually in my chocolate rottie (pictured above) or my purple/blue dragoness.”

What do you enjoy about milkmade?

“Milk and Titties!”

Why did you decide you wanted to join the :mused: staff?

“I love milkmade and wanted to help.”

What do you hope to accomplish/ contribute to :mused:?

“I hope to contribute by giving people another person to assist in :mused: products when they need help or have a general question.”

Meet Skye: Our Newest Support

As our community grows and new products are added we find ourselves once again in need of another support staff member. I am very pleased to be able to introduce to you the lovely Skye (Skyefeather Resident). She will be around on the weekends so be sure to say hi if you see her. In case you missed our previous staff introductions: Zindonas, Kira, Nova, Cali


A little about Skye:

I’m a simply me.  ✓Sub ✓Totally a princess ✓Cute ✓Spoiled ✓Playful ✓Owned

How will people usually see you, (do you have an avatar you prefer?)

“I change my AV around sometimes but it generally stays in the range of a Kawaii girl, now whether that is a hybrid or pure human is hard to stay from a day to day basis, though I’ve been in love with neko lately. I absolutely adore girly cute innocents on Skye. Big eyes, pastels, dolly types.”

What do you enjoy about milkmade?

“Ever since I found :mused: milkmade it’s been a non-stop thing for me, with the except of the Real Life break I went on. I came into it in early November of last year and I took it by it’s horns, I got into family, made farms, had servants, stored and really got into all aspects of the system. I love mostly though that it brings people together. Humans, furries, kinky people, non-kinky people. Everyone comes together for whatever reason they’ve picked up :mused: and can really enjoy it. I love that it’s something you can hide and do, or be totally open about it. The system has always easy to use and mod and it attracts all walks of life.”

Why did you decide you wanted to join the :mused: staff?

“I love the system, I wanted to help it continue to grow and shine in the world of evolving breasts and new things. SL is about creativity and making things and I truly believe that milkmade is a worth while product that is not going away any time soon.”

What do you hope to accomplish/ contribute to :mused:?

Well, I have always been a major force in answering questions in the Community and I hope to continue that trend with helpful and insightful answers. Helping new and seasoned people alike with their issues. I hope also to be a great sounding board for the other staff.

The Hunt For The Cure update 2013

Hey musers,

I am pleased to say we have about 90 shops participating in the Hunt for The Cure this October! Which is super awesome and a much much bigger turn out that I was expecting. I am beyond thrilled and I hope we are able to do some good with this hunt.

while the application due date has past I will still consider adding a shop if they are pretty much ready to go I want to avoid adding anyone and then having them realize that they are not going to be able to get everything done in time.

We would love to do some extra things in the month of October to help spread the word about the hunt as well as to raise some more money. So far we have talked about hosting an event of some sort and maybe a tail sale of some verity. What do you all think? Would you be interested in a tail sale? Do you have other ideas for things that could help raise money or spread the word about the hunt? Let me know in the comments.