:mused: Milk and Cookies Hunt 2014

Hey musers!

I just wanted to remind you that the :mused: Milk and Cookies Valentine’s Day Hunt starts today and lasts until the 16th so be sure to get a nibble of the naughty cookies and some fun gifts to wear and play with! You can find five different Kinky Cookies on plates through the :mused: region. Kinky Cookies

Send us pictures of those gifts in action along with a sURL link to your farm or milk stall and we will post both on February 24th. You can email the pictures to madeea.nakamura@yahoo.com by the 23rd to be featured in the post. We want to see what fun you all come up with!

Also if you are looking for just the right Valentine to send to your friends and family you might want to revisit our Valentine’s post from last year.

:mused: Milk Yoke – 10L Storage Buckets

Hey musers,

We have something new for you! A wearable/rezable 10L storage container! The :mused: Milk Yoke. Like the 5L bottle this can be worn or rezed and works just like the other storage containers. You could be first to win one of these this weekend as we kick off our Valentine’s day Milk and Cookies Hunt with our :mused: milk drinking contests!

Yoke Adv Breast Peek

Be sure to keep an eye out for your chance to chug and make this super cute Yoke your very own!

:mused: Cookies and Milk Valentine’s Day Hunt! 2014

Hey musers!

We have a hunt coming up for you starting this weekend on Feb. 7th and lasting up until Feb. 16th. We will have 5 different gift packs stuffed into “kinky cookies” for you! Find one or find all for goodies!mused Cookie Hunt

How this hunt works:  There are a cookie plates around the :mused: region. Once you find a “kinky” cookie and eat it, you will receive the gift. The cookie will then disappear and reappear on another plate somewhere else!

There is only one of each type of kinky cookie with five different debaucherus cookie couples to look for.

Kinky Cookies

Happy Hunting!

State of the :mused: address III

Hey musers,

With the new year underway I wanted to update you all with some of what has been going on behind the scenes per say. As you may know from the first state of the :mused: address we are working on a new game that will compliment milkmade for those who have cocks called Stud Pump. That is currently in closed beta and we are working very hard to fish out all the bugs and get that bad boy out to market for you!

We have added a Milk Bank and gaming compatibility (you can check that out in the :mused: town square) back in October.

An update of the siphon has gone out that helped to fix the issues with ‘too many listens’ script error and pagination for tanks selection, for browsing more than 10 tanks on a parcel.

I know I know you all want more information about the stud pump. Well as you know the Stud Pump is the pump and semen creation system only it does not include any bits themselves but rather a wide variety of shape options to fit as many different bits as we could manage. Some of these bits have really robust APIs and we are doing our best to have our system talk to as many of them as possible so that your bits will respond automatically and seamlessly when when you use the Stud Pump system.

Here are a list of bits brands we currently have working: (please note that this might not be the full list at release and some of these brands might no longer work in as integrated fashion as we would like when we release because of changes on the part of the brands themselves this is just what we have now and should give you an idea. If you want to see others added let us know via suggestion ticket so we can add them to the list to implement.)

  • Psicorp
  • Aeros
  • Xcite
  • RUT
  • Realistics
  • VSX / VSXM
  • EXL

Stud Pump will also feature more stats to play with from the get go giving you more to do and play with. (Again drinking is not a required feature like it is in milkmade it is however an option if you choose to).

The Stud Pump tanks are more realistically sized in comparison to the volumes they will hold and are a lower land impact than current milkmade tanks.

Remember we do read suggestions, we love to see what you all want. If you have an idea and don’t see it on the list from our last state of the :mused: address let us know so we can put it up for voting. (*Please keep in mind we consider these suggestions during our creation process but not all suggestions will be implemented.)