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Hey musers!

At long last I have some news to share with you. As you know we recently released a couple of new storage tanks (flasks and LE Rockets) and had a couple drinking contests. Its great to get back to making and doing fun things for you guys! :mused: in its time has been targeted by various forms of cheating and exploitation and each time we have to put development of other products on hold while we take the steps necessary to protect you all. Sometimes it’s as simple as a Ban or as complicated as the verification system. Starting around the beginning of 2016 :mused: started to get hit hard from various directions some more obvious than others. From duplicated items and inworld scams to attempts to crash our web servers we have had to focus on mitigating the effects these had on you and then finding ways to prevent them from happening in the future.

One of these projects we have been working these long hours on is a way to help create a better, more stable, more transparent, less exploitable way of managing your bonuses and the related items. The solution we have come up with makes it easier to track what you own, give bonus items to other players, and see what bonuses you have running, all while not having to worry about updating or losing the items in world, and helps to reduce inventory clutter, and gives us room to add a lot of fun new options to the systems.

Web HUD Alpha manual 2

We will be moving all our bonuses items to an easy to use Web HUD. This is directly linked to your account with :mused: so all the bonus items you have will be tracked preventing their loss. You can easily give any bonus item to any other :mused: user, even if they are not online, and you can see what bonuses you have running even if they didn’t come from a bonus item but are from an interaction, semen dispensing, or other source.

You could of course access all this information in the past by logging into the website to view your stats, or by clicking “stats” on your product. But we hope this will help make keeping an eye on this information simpler and easier, particularly for those using both milkmade and stud pump.

The best part is that its free! You can get a HUD in three four ways:

  • The first is buying a bonus item from the new HUD only vendors we have set up to the left just outside the main store (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/mused/95/172/26).
  • The second is if someone with a HUD sends you a consumable item to use.
  • The third is if staff has to redeliver a consumable it will come as the HUD only version.
  • The fourth is to go the vendors linked above and click the HUD Icon to have one sent to you.



If you have the current version in world bonus items still you can use them as normal. But as we transition to HUD only there will be a point where they will be added to the HUD rather than used when clicked. (This will probably be some time in February we will let you know more specific dates and details as we go.) 

Edit March 21 2018: to add your in world item to your HUD rez the item as you would to use it and then click as you would to use it. It will go into your Web HUD inventory rather than being used.

To get more information about how the HUD functions Please check out the mused life manual.

Transition to HUD estimated time line:

  • Early January HUD available
  • Early February in world item vendors removed
  • Mid February any remaining in world items send to HUD when clicked
  • Late March/early April All in world items deactivated.

If you experience any issues with the HUD or with purchases please put in a support ticket so we can address the problem.

Choose “Support” from breasts menu, :mused: HUD, or “Submit a Ticket” from the Support Center support wall.
Choose “New Ticket”
Pick a category
Enter a title for your ticket, in first text box (50 Char limit)
Enter a brief description of your issue in the second text box. (255 char limit)
“Add Event” to your ticket to provide more information.


Bringing in the New Year with a BOOM!

Our :mused: LE Rockets are back! New colors for a New Year!

Grab these rockets for either Stud Pump or Milk Made at NOON Saturday, December 30th. These rockets are available in one size for each system: 100mL or 100L.

The sale ends at midnight Monday, Jan 1st so snag yours while they last to bring in the new year with a blast!

Rocket LE Promo.jpgRocket MM NYE.jpgRocket SP NYE.jpg


:mused: Flasks For Sale!

Hey musers!

Looking for some last minute stocking-stuffers? How about a Flask or two?

We have a new set of specialty tanks for you all!  A 10mL flask for Stud Pump and a 10L flask for Milkmade.

Stud Pump Flask Retail

Both of them have hold and drink animations which can be turned on and off, the lid can be open and closed. you can add your own logo to the lid of the flask. It can be resized to fit your avatar just the way you like!

MM Flask Retail

They are up for sale now so be sure to swing by :mused: and get one for yourself and maybe a few for some friends!


2016 LE Heart tank and Valentines day

Hey musers!

We have a new 10L Heart tank and Condoms for you to win in our Valentines day Drinking contests!

2016 Heart Tank LE Adv

The 2016 heart tank features a tattoo inspired heart and anchor design with a blue heart floating in the tank. It has hold and drink poses that can be turned off, the tank itself can be resized as well so that it can better fit your avatar for the poses. This stunning tank also features projected heart lighting that matches the color of the heart in the tank. It can be turned on and off as desired from the setting. (To see this you need to have “Advanced Lighting Model” turned on, if not it will just emit a general blue light. However, if you do not have “Local lights” enabled the heart will only glow with no extra lighting effects.)

Lover Condom Adv


For our stud pump users we have a fresh set of condoms decorated in hearts and text to let the world know what a sensitive and productive lover you are!

Be sure to read about how the raffles and drinking contests work in this post so you are familiar with the process


We will be drawing raffles to give away some of these prizes. The winners will get their choice of Stud pump items or milkmade items regardless of what type of raffle they win. We will be pull 3 winners of each type each night for 6 total chances to win. The raffle winners may ONLY win one of the Valentine’s day items!

  • To be entered into the milk raffle just drink 2 L of milk before 6 pm but after 12 am
  • To be entered into the semen raffle just drink 2 mL of semen before 6 pm but after 12 am

The raffles will be drawn at 6 pm on Feb. 12th, 13th, and 14th. The winners will be contacted with how to claim their prize and they will be announced by 7 pm.

Drinking Contests!

The Drinking contests will be on :mused: unless other wise noted and at the published times. You can drink milk and/or semen for the contests winners get their choice of Stud pump items or milkmade items regardless of what type of drinks that are taken. At the end of the contest a Drawing will be done for everyone who drank in the contest, the winner will get to pick which of the LE tanks they would like.

All times in SLT

Drinking contest tiers:

Under 25 drinks total consumed top three get a Top: choice of a Be mine shirt or Valentines appliers for the milkmade tube top and peekaboo shrirts.

25 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Top &  Spring Forage or Minotaur serum
  • 2nd- Top & Volumax or Whale Fat
  • 3rd- Top

50 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Volumax & hormone or Whale Fat & Powdered Horn
  • 2nd- Volumax & spring forage or Whale Fat & Minotaur Serum
  • 3rd- Volumax or Whale Fat

100 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms
  • 2nd- Volumax & hormone or Whale Fat & Powdered Horn
  • 3rd- Volumax & spring forage or Whale Fat & Minotaur Serum

500 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & Hormone or Powdered Horn
  • 2nd- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & Spring Forage or Minotaur Serum
  • 3rd- Hormone & Spring Forage or Powdered Horn & Minotaur Serum

1000 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Any active limited edition prize tank* or 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & Hormone & Spring Forage or Powdered Horn & Minotaur Serum
  • 2nd- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & Hormone or Powdered Horn
  • 3rd- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms

2500 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Pick two: Any active limited edition prize tank*, 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms
  • 2nd-Any active limited edition prize tank* or 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms &  5 pack of Hormone or 5 Pack of Powdered Horn
  • 3rd- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & 5 pack of Spring Forage or 5 Pack of Minotaur Serum
  • 4th- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms

5000 Total Consumed:

  • 1st- Pick two: Any active limited edition prize tank*, 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & 2 LacMax or 2 Dragon Blood
  • 2nd-Any active limited edition prize tank* or 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & 2 LacMax or 2 Dragon Blood
  • 3rd- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms & Lacmax or Dragon Blood
  • 4th- 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms  &  5 pack of Hormoneor 5 Pack of Powdered Horn
  • 5th – 2016 LE Heart Tank or Lover Condoms
Further prizes maybe given at the discretion of the staff running the contest depending upon totals drank past top tier. (such prizes in the past have included extending prizes to another winner, giving more or larger tanks)

*List of Limited Edition tanks to chose from:


10L tanks:


New Bonuses and Stats!

Hey musers!

As we are getting back into the swing of things we have a bunch of new things for you! We have added some new uses for Cum for you all to enjoy, and will finally be launching the much delayed Dharma changes.

Until now milkmade users could get a benefit from drink semen from a tank or from having it topically dispensed on you, that left four other ways of consuming semen that gave no bonus or benefit to milkmade users other than stat accumulation. Wanted to change that!

New Bonuses:

  • Cumpacity bonus: 0.5L Capacity bonus for 1 hour
  • Spunky Production Bonus: 20% production bonus for 2o min
  • Calcium: 0.1mg for 1mL semen

These are all a random option to be awarded from oral, vaginal, or anal dispensing. So you could receive semen in any of those ways and receive any of those bonuses.

You can read more about this bonuses and how to get them here:  http://www.musedcreamery.com/new-milkmade-bonuses-from-semen-consumption/

In addition to those new bonuses we are rolling out the Dharma system in the evening of Monday Jan 18th 2016.

You can read more about it here: http://www.musedcreamery.com/new-dharma-calculations/

One of the issues we had with the Dharma system was that you can not go “hypo” in the stud pump system so that even if a user stopped playing they would continue to give their master Dharma points. As a way to correct this any Stud pump users who do not use the HUD to produce for 30 days will be set as inactive and not count to the dharma points anymore. They can still put the HUD back on and start playing again and if they are a milk drinker or milkmade user as well then they will stay in the points under those stats.

Enjoy and Happy Milking!