Milk Drinking Contest

Alright musers, are you ready to chug?!

:mused: will begin a weekly drinking contest. Each week we will count how much milk each user drinks. Sunday night at 9pm (SLT) the user who has drank the most milk will win a monetary prize.

The top ten weekly drinkers will be displayed at locations on the mused region. Anyone can participate drinkers as well as producers and masters.

The prize will change weekly and could include :mused: products, custom items, and cold hard linden dollars.

Depending on the success of the first few contest we may increase or decrease the value of the prizes, and the number of winners.

We reserve the right to modify the rules of the contest at any time to maintain fairness.

The contest begins…. NOW!

good luck!


Welcome to milkmade

Hey musers,

We had a request for a basic summery of the milkmade system that could be easily passed out to people who were new to the system or thinking of joining. While I HIGHLY recommend reading through the manual as this will only be a summery and not provide instruction this should be a good place to start to get a feel for the system.

Q and A:

What is milkmade?

  • milkmade is a set of prim breasts that are milk able and have a rather unique look from other breasts on the market.
  • milkmade is a competitive game that provides personal goals and achievement as well as group based competition.
  • milkmade is an RP tool for those who wish to have lactation play.

It is all of these things at once and while you can’t “turn off” any of those functions you do not have to actively participate in any part of it if you don’t wish to. (Some features like certain appearance options are only available through game play and calcium is a universal factor for all users even if you don’t play the game competitively, but more on that below.)

Competition? What competition?

With milkmade there are a few stats that are tracked and factor into different ranks:

  • MOT or milk over time tracks the amount of milk a breast user has made since starting in the system. MOT levels are unlocked at certain amount of milk made and there are some appearance features that are unlocked with these levels as well as a small boost to the user’s lactation rate (tracked in lph or litres per hour)
  • Milk storage is based on the total amount of milk in storage tanks that you own.
  • Life time milk intake is the total amount of milk you have drank since starting to use the system.
  • Persistence is a total of all the milk consumed in the last 30 days.

Some of these stats are used to determine another competitive rank currently called generation. Those in the top 5 generations have a bonus added to the milk they own so if someone not in the top 5 generations drinks their milk it will provide extra calcium and milk drank credit.

There is also a family rank that uses the above stats as well. You do not need to be in a family to use the milkmade system but many people do because it makes cooperative play easier to accomplish.

You mentioned Calcium but I did not see that in the stats list.

Right so every user of the system whether they are a milk master, a drinker or a milk producer has a calcium level. The current maximum level of calcium a user can have is 10 mg. Every day each user’s body consumes 0.5 mg of their calcium. This loss is calculated on our servers at night. Drinking 1litre of milk will give you 1 mg of calcium. If you make a lot of milk (over 10L a day) then there is an added calcium loss because you are using so much of it. If you don’t drink and your calcium levels hit 0 mg then you will become sick with hypocalcemia and you can’t play until that is fixed by drinking 10L of milk or taking vitamin D.

Can you play without having the breasts?

Yes! You can be a milk master with a master HUD this lets you own servants in the milkmade system, monitor their calcium and milk production, have control over their pumping milk and appearance options on the breast as well as some RLV features. Or you can just be a drinker with the 1l$ milk monitor HUD this helps you keep track of your calcium, as well as storage stats and things.

If I want to be a master or drinker do I need to be in a family? and what is a milk family?

No you can just be master of a milk servant (or more) without needing to be in a family as well, and you can be a drinker without being part of any particular family or under a master (but you can if you want to). A family is a way to pool resources. Storage tanks can be shared with a family as well as an SL group, many families and masters provide bonus items (Things like hormones to help speed up milk production. Bonus items are not needed to enjoy the system but can aid in reaching personal achievements faster) for their families. Joining a family can be a way to get in to the game with others to help you out.

WARNING! Take a milk master or join a family with great care. You can only be released from them by the master or family owner or but purchasing an appropriate elixir.

I think this covers the basics if anyone sees something I missed please let me know so I can add it! Thanks so much and happy milking!

milkmade ranks

Hey musers,

So some of the questions I have been seeing with the announcement of the changes to the way milkmade gen is calculated made me think that maybe the creators’ thought process on what the stats mean and how the ranks should work should be spelled out. Now its not our intention to tell anyone how they should use the system or play the game. Its still totally up to you what you want to do with it and how you want to enjoy it but this is a little of what we are thinking. This of course is all subject to change as we see how these work out in practice, just like we changed the way servants calculated for generation points, or added persistence as a stat.

MoT (milk over time)

This is a producer stat and the main area for producers to complete. It was also the first stat to have any bonus associated with it. Rising in this stat gives you access to new appearance features and increases your lactation rate.

Lifetime Milk Intake and Persistence

This is a drinker stat and one way for drinkers to compete. Originally we only had Lifetime Milk Intake but then found that did not really accurately reflect current active players so we added Persistence as well. At current there is no bonus associated with these stats.

Storage or Milk Assets

The amount of milk stored is a more general stat that anyone can compete in if they want to, however it does come at a time and linden cost and has the risk of being spoiled if the owner of the tanks does not continue to be active in the game.


We knew there was a desire for the system to have a master servant component, but we wanted this to be incorporated into the game not just an after thought to accommodate peoples rp styles. It is certainly not needed but if people did want to play with this relationship we wanted there to be away for it to be part of the game. So we made Generation as a way to rank masters. This number considers storage, an investment and a risk, servants, and the players own activeness in the game, persistence. We recognized that those that did well with this would probably be working with a large number of servants and we understand the work that goes in the managing a successful group. So we added generation bonuses. This bonus does two things, it makes the top gen’s milk a little more desirable and gives an incentive to sell milk which impacts the storage stats giving more room for competition.

Again anyone can play with the game how they choose to we are not saying anyone needs to focus on a stat or any stat but this is just the thinking that has gone into the way we manage the stats and any bonus we may add in the future related to them.

Drinking to clear Hypocalcemia

Hey musers,

As I mentioned in the post about the change to generation stat calculation, we were planing to allow drinking milk to cure hypo. Well now you can! You will need to drink at least 10L of milk in one shot. If you try to drink less it wont let you. For that 10L of milk you will get your hypocalcemia cleared and 2.5mg of calcium just as if you took the vitamin D supplement. If you drink more than 10L in that first drink you will have that extra added to your calcium normally. So if you drank 15L you would have 7.5mg calcium. Do note that while you will still get the extra calcium from top 5 gen milk, you need to drink 10L total from the tank, the bonus drink credit will not apply to clear hypo and  the drink bonus given to drinkers from the spring forage does not work with this as you need to be unhypo to use it.

Happy Chugging!


milkmade gen stat calculation change

The time for change is upon us. We have decided to change the way the generation points are calculated. We realized that being a drinker does not really benefit a master so what we have decided to do is to calculate drinker servants differently than producer servants. At current simply having a non hypo servant adds a base set of points. What we want to do is make it so that a servants value increases with their game play. If you have the breasts you are a producer, if you do not have the breasts and only have the Milk Monitor HUD or Master HUD then you are a drinker. The new stat calculation will look like this:

Generation points = total litres stored + (personal persistence x3) + producer servants MoT + (drinker servants life time intake x2)

We will be rolling out this change later today but you can preview the changes here: Stat Change Preview

And speaking of drinking, in the near future, we will also be adding the ability to remove Hypocalcemia by drinking a set amount of milk or by using the vitamin D supplement.