Meet Nova: New Staff Member

Hey musers!

We have an awesome new staff member Nova Slivermaple (reiger.fang). We pride ourselves in offering some of the best support Second Life has to offer and are very happy that we can bring on more support staff to better and more quickly meet the needs of our community. With that in mind I wanted to take the next few weeks to introduce our staff to you. You already know a little about me so we would like you to know a little more about the rest of us too.


A little about Nova:

“Approachable, naughty, crafty… Me :3”

How will people usually see you, (do you have an avatar you prefer?)

“I’m almost ALWAYS seen as my Black husky with the glowy eyes :3”

What do you enjoy about milkmade?

“Firstly one of my kinks is milking so that was the main hook for me. But its a great activity for SL. form groups, meet new people, and interact not only with kit but other users and Roleplay.”

Why did you decide you wanted to join the :mused: staff?

“I’m always looking for things to do on SL. give the game a purpose for me. The :mused: team are and always have been awesome people and I really just wanted to be a part of that, helping all :mused: users as a whole to make the game hassle free and easy to use.”

What do you hope to accomplish/ contribute to :mused:?

“I hope to be able to help others as I have been helped along the way. Use what i know to bring less experienced users the full experience they can get from :mused: products.”

New! :mused: Milk Siphon

Hey musers!

We have a new item to aid in your milk selling or buying. The :mused: Milk Siphon. This is a tool that you can link up to a tank and will let people buy milk to transfer to there own tank or sell you milk directly to your tank without needing to give anyone access to the tank or trust that they will pay the agreed upon price. And bonus – Once its set up you don’t even need to be online to make a transfer sale!milk siphon adv

It comes with 6 base skins and is mod so you can set your own if you wish to. You can buy it now in the shop here and you can read about how to set it up and to use it in the manual here!

Happy selling!

:mused: Full Breast Update V2

New Features:

  • Added additional nipple lengths (medium and long)
  • Money added to cleavage as an extras option.
  • New particles for lactation effect.
  • Stop lactation from both nipples from one command/button
  • Notification of who activated your lactation
  • Tube top applier object now has left and right uuid options.
  • New improved mesh nipple tape (does not effect tape applier settings)
  • Easier updating via update discs so you wont have to reconfigure your breast options.
  • Now compatible with Lola’s Tangos shirt appliers

Bug Fixes:

  • Leash and owners options now stick
  • Lactation lock persists through relog and detachment of breasts.

:mused: Full Breast 2.0

New Milkshakes for milkmade

(In Case it was missed, This was a joke, keep an eye out for next years!)

Hey musers,

I am excited to tell you all about the new features that are coming to milkmade. Milkshakes! Direct from the source for those days when you really need to bring all the boys to the yard. So what would you need to do to make delicious homemade Milkshakes? All you would need to do is pick up a flavor cream of your choice and massage it in. For best effect work it slowly and carefully giving them Lots of attention. Our test group of boys in the yard seemed to prefer Milkshakes made this way, with lots of time spent working the cream into the nipples. Please note the Mint Chocolate Chip tingles a bit and this is normal. Then just wait, once your breasts are full of milk you will need to add the shake. Just about anything will work so long as it gives your breasts enough bump, bounce, wiggle and jiggle to shake up your milk, it was our experience that said boys in the yard were happy to help with this step. As Milkshakes are a frosty treat it is recommended you do the shaking with them as exposed as possible to make sure you get the right chilling. ^_-april fools new copy

We hope everyone is as excited for spring and the warmer weather as we are and :mused: wishes you a happy April Fools Day!!