Calcium Depletion in effect

Hey musers,

We are testing out phase one of the new calcium and production changes. (You can see the full post and discussion in comments here)

Starting today the calcium part of the discussed changes will go into effect.

  1. Users producing more than 10 liters  per day will be subject to additional calcium depletion.

    • 10% of your daily production over 10 liters will be deducted from your calcium.
    • Example: 18 liters produced in one day. 18L – 10L = 8L, 10% of 8 is 0.8. Your calcium depletion for that day will be 0.5mg for the standard daily deduction, and 0.8mg for your production for a total of 1.3 mg depletion.

This will be calculated at midnight SLT when the normal calcium depletion takes effect. Please note that while we have done our best to test this before putting it live, we can only do so much with out hitting everyone’s calcium to test it. So tonight will be that test. We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten on the suggested changes and welcome suggestions on how to improve any part of the game implemented or not so that we can improve the system to be as best as possible.

Suggested New Production Limits

As you know we work hard to ensure that the Milk Made is not exploited and that the milk market is kept balanced to encourage the enjoyment and benefit to the most users. Recently we have been able to help bring about a rise in milk prices though our policies and changes to the system. With this rise we are seeing more people who are producing more milk. We are glad to see more people actively involved in the system. However we have noticed that some users are taking this to an extreme and are producing more than should be possible with an interactive system.

An avatar consistently producing over 40 liters a day destroys the usefulness of the calcium depletion. In order to protect the integrity of the system and the market we are proposing a change to how calcium depletion works and a daily production limit. This change should not affect most users but only those who are pushing the upper limits.

  1. Users producing more than 10 liters  per day will be subject to additional calcium depletion.

    • 10% of your daily production over 10 liters will be deducted from your calcium.
    • Example: 20 liters produced in one day. 20 – 10 = 10, 10% of 10 is 1.0. Your calcium depletion for that day will be 0.5mg for the standard daily deduction, and 1.0mg for your production for a total of 1.5mg depletion.
  2. Users producing more than 25 liters per day will be subject to a 12 hour cooling off period.

  3. Users producing more than 2.5 liters per day organically will be subject to a 12 hour cooling off period.

  4. The cooling off period will function similar to the verification hold, but it can be removed by drinking an amount of milk yet to be determined.

This is something that we have discussed in the past but have avoided because we wanted to give you as much freedom to play with the system as possible. However our anti botting measures have not had the full impact that we had hoped.  We still want to reward high producers, MoT Levels will continue as they have been. After looking at the small amount of users this will effect and the negative impact such incredible production has on the game and market it seemed the best choice to make.

As you know this is not our first time fighting this battle. We have gone to great lengths to prevent automation of the pumping process, and other forms of cheating. Those efforts have beared fruit which we are very pleased with. We do it to protect your investment in our product, but it does impact our ability to work on and put out new products.

Our goal in these matters is always to minimize the impact and cost to our customers. Our estimation is that less than 5% of our active users will experience these new limitations. We also believe this fairly places the burden on those who should carry it.

Your daily totals can be seen on your website stat page. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

*Thank you everyone for your feed back we are closing comments for the time being while we look over the numbers and the suggestions. New information will be posted on this topic in a new blog post when we have more to share. *

Suggested Bonus Changes

As we work to improve the game we make some changes to what bonuses are available and how they apply. We are going to be making one such change soon.

We will be adding a capacity bonus to the top 7 gen users and their servants, this will stack with Volumax or the handmilking bonus.

With this change we will be removing the engorgement bonus (so please watch your breasts to avoid leaking!) and the current Gen drinking bonus.

The bonusing structure will look like this:

  • Gen 1 base capacity of 1.20L
  • Gen 2 base capacity of 1.00L
  • Gen 3 base capacity of 0.90L
  • Gen 4 base capacity of 0.80L
  • Gen 5 base capacity of 0.70L
  • Gen 6 base capacity of 0.60L
  • Gen 7 base capacity of 0.55L

So if a master is gen 2, they and their servants would start with capacity 1.00L, then volumax would get them up to 2.00L

There will be another notice put out when this goes live.

*edit* 9/24 after some feed back from the community we have decided to extend the bonus down two more Gens so that the top 7 gens will now receive this bonus rather than the top 5. The post has been updated to reflect this change.

*edit* 9/25 After further review and some players and developers concern of possible exploitation the max capacity has been reduced. Post has been updated to reflect this change.

Coming Soon: Siphon 1.12 Update

Howdy musers!

We will begin updating the milkmade siphon to version 1.12. This is a maintenance release with a couple bugs fixed.

Update includes:

  • Fix to ‘too many listens’ script error
  • pagination for tanks selection, for browsing more than 10 tanks on a parcel.

To get this update, simply rez an existing siphon. It will be deleted upon rez, and a new siphon will be sent. This is the only way to get the update and all siphons older than 1.12 will be deleted when rezzed. If your siphon deletes but you do not receive the new siphon, please submit a support ticket. If you have more than four siphons, you can also submit a ticket to have staff update your siphons.

We should be ready to start this update processes in 2 or 3 days, there will be another announcement when it begins.

Coming soon: Family Tome Update

An update to the Family Tome is coming!

Update includes:

  • A new look that will let you have it closed or open. (including materials update)
  • You can send milk to family members directly from your tank.
  • When you delete your family the tome will now burst into flame and char to make the change more clear.
  • Ability to trade the tome within the family without it breaking
  • Trading it to someone outside of the family will no longer break it.
  • Family Gen will be called Family Rank to help reduce confusion that stemmed from having two different rankings named Generation.

We are in the final stages of testing this so you should be seeing the update very soon.